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10 Reasons Why Men Cheat–Read This Before You Act!

By Noell Romatowski

10.31.18-Why do men cheat? Read this article below from The Dating Bliss , 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat. Explore this article before you act and regret later.

The Mind Of A Cheating Man

In my research and in my own personal dating experience there is million and one reasons why men cheat.

They blame their significant other, jobs, lifestyle, dog..you name it!

I will address right away ,that plenty of women cheat too, as this isn’t just a man thing, but this article will address why men do.

In the mind of a cheating man, the logic of possibly sitting down with your partner , that you supposed love , and tell her how you feel doesn’t seem to come to mind.

They feel most of the time if the cheating doesn’t involve sex that clearly isn’t cheating.

There is so much justifying, denial and selfishness in this behavior.

Why do you want to lie, cheat, manipulate the one you supposedly love or care about ?

Wouldn’t talking to her sound like a much more fullfilling and honest way to approach it?

Just a few ideas, find a hobby or two , get involved in your community, than choosing to cheat.

In Pyschology today, denial is a series of internal lies and deceits people tell themselves to make their questionable behaviors seem justified.

The denial is so strong and makes complete sense to them that it is their truth.


In a Why Men Cheat article on Oprah.com, marriage counselor M. Gary Neuman states it’s estimated that one in 2.7 men will cheat and their wives will never know about it.

The number one reason, 92% of men stated that the cheating wasn’t primarily about the sex.

With that high percentage of cheating not being about just sex, let’s explore the 10 ten reasons why men cheat:

1-Not “In” Love Anymore

This is probably the most common excuse or reason you hear from men why they cheat. They just aren’t in love with their partner anymore.

Why can’t this be a conversation prior to seeking out someone else?

If you are in a commitment with someone you do owe it to them to share your feelings especially if you have fallen out of love with them anymore.

Nothing can be heartbreaking to have one person with their foot out the door and the other fighting or clueless of how the other feels.

2-Addiction Issues

Addictions interfere and affect one’s decision making process. Drugs, alcohol, sex addictions can result in regrettable behavior.

Sexual addiction is the constant need engage in sexual behavior. This behavior puts sex before anything and anyone else in the addicts life. It can jeopardize relationships, jobs and even trouble with the law.

This addiction can include multiple partners, loss of time, control, obsessed about sex, withdrawl and becomes the most important thing in their life.


It’s an important question to ask when you first start getting to know a man what his experience is in being committed relationships. What’s his longest relationship?

This will shed a lot light on his patterns and what he feels is acceptable to do in his relationships. If he is older and hasn’t had many committed relationships or ones that don’t last ,that is a red flag.

He hasn’t experienced the commitment and compromise that is required in a relationship and he is immature in that area of his life.

He could be 50 years old and still has maturity level of a 16 year old boy!

Research also shows that 75% men who cheat also have a close friend(s) that cheats. It becomes a male bonding experience among them. They can believe each other’s stories and excuses.


Selfish, selfish, selfish! He only considers and looks out for himself. He doesn’t have remorse or much empathy towards hurting others or lying to do what he wants.

Most likely a narcissist intentions were never really to loyal or honest from the beginning. It was a quest to from you what they wanted and if cheating happened it really didn’t matter to him and some how it would be justified.

There will never be honesty or commitment out of a narcissist!


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A man may cheat because he is angry, hurt and wants to get you back. This is the reason he cheats so you can see it, feel it and it’s known that he cheated out of anger.

This can be the one instance where if a woman has cheated on her man or did step outside the relationship in some way, he may cheat to get revenge.


Many men go into relationships and commitments with very unrealistic expectations. He could be thinking his partner should be 100% what he wants and he needs 100% of the time.

Sex, cooking, cleaning, do everything for him when he wants it. These men fail to recogonize she is not beneath him or his maid but his equal and she has a life , desires and needs too.

When he feels all these needs aren’t being met this is when he decides to find a woman who will fullfill all these needs.

7-Disconnection/Not Appreciated

We all feel that men don’t have feelings and always have that macho and tough exterior. Men want to feel valued and appreciated just as much as women do.

Being told thank you, please, I appreciate you and all that you do. Saying the words backed by actions to him that you value him.

This is highly important for the man to continue to engage and want to be the protector and provider. If that starts to fade he gets to a point of disconnection.

He starts to look else where and not engage as much at home or with you. He may even start talking a lot about any woman at work or friend at the gym.


It is not just women who have insecurities so do men. When a man feels his isn’t rich enough, young enough, not smart , which we call mid life crisis. This is prime time for men to cheat.

He wants to feel young ,desired and validated again so he seeks it from outside his current relationship. It will be someone new, exciting who will boost his ego.

Many times you see older men dating a younger to get the feeling of being young, wanted and desired by their young hottie!


9-Sexual Needs

Men cheat due to the lack of sexual fulfillment in his current relationship. In the International journal of Sexual Health ,revealed one of the top motivators to start an affair or cheat was for sexual satisfaction.

If you feel all the sudden your sex life changes or pretty much comes to a hault, he is most likely getting his needs met elsewhere.

I truly believe both people in the relationships have to keep the spark alive and show interest in each other.


10-Runs In The Family

Do you think cheating can run in the family?

There is proof and study done by Archives of Sexual Behavior, that it indeed runs in the family as a boy this can be picked up as learned behavior watching dad.

Every little boy looks up to his father and everything he does. The father is the role model and sets the tone for behavior.

If a man’s father was a cheater this becomes a behavior that becomes normalized and they mimic their father’s actions and behavior in their adult life.

I went on a date once with a guy who stated his father cheated multiple times on his mother and he didn’t understand why he hadn’t had a long term relationship with any woman without him cheating.

The act of cheating becomes a behavior of all they saw from their father’s shaping their future.

Think Before You Act

Everyone needs to feel loved, validated and that you have their back no matter what and need to express that to each other all the time in a relationship.

Having been through the relationship of someone cheating it is an awful and heartbreaking experience.

Take a moment to share with your partner how you are feeling and what desires you are having.

You could save a really valuable relationship by sharing with your significant other. No one wants to be hurt or played a fool.

Think before you act!

You can reach me at noell@thedatingbliss.com and would to hear your stories!





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