10 signs to healthy relationship

10 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship–It Feels Right!

By Noell Romatowski

What are some signs of a healthy relationship? How will I know if I am in a healthy relationship? Read this article to see the 10 signs of a healthy relationship! It just feels right!

The Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Is a goal in your life to have that warm fuzzy feeling which in turn is a healthy relationship?

I think we all can agree that can be a goal, but getting to that goal is not as easy to accomplish.

We want the full package deal and media pushes these ideas upon us.

That looks, being attracted,  attractive and chemistry are THE most important to finding that healthy relationship.

While those are very important aspects to a relationship they are only a part of sustaining a healthy long term relationship.

Romance, chemistry and sex are critical pieces, but putting effort and being present every day is vital.

The Healthy List

There is going to be the roller coaster ride in any relationship no matter how healthy.

The ups, downs and flow within the relationship are natural, but we also have to consider us as individuals.

Saying you are in love with someone doesn’t magically make it work 100% of the time.

Healthy relationships are about balance and effort in all aspects of both partners lives.

Consider these 10 signs that you are indeed in a healthy relationship:

Life Goals

You are aligned on what it is you both seek and want out of your life in both short term and long term goals.

You have separate, but common goals that you want to conquer together.

Values are aligned if there are children in the mix when and agreeing how they will be raised for example. Which one of you is going home with them or are you both going to work?

The biggest part is you are committed to achieving them together!


You can talk about anything! From the toilet paper roll being empty, to picking the kids up from school to how that comment made you feel.

It’s open, honest, the good, the bad and the ugly. No secrets and no hidden agendas.

We all have baggage and a past and those have been discussed by both partners.

Trust is the basis to a long-lasting healthy relationship!


Do you like to play tennis and your partner likes to play golf? Do you both enjoy going to see sci-fi movies?

Finding a balance where you have your own hobbies and interests and your partner has theirs. Independence and level of freedom is important in a healthy relationship.

Spending time together and separate creates balance in your own life and together.

Trust me you will be even more attracted to each other.

Be You

From the first moment you meet , we all know that we want to make a good first impression. It is critical you still BE YOU always!

This is the person that is going to show up 100%.

Keeping your own identities in the relationship is healthy and vital to long term happiness.


We all want to grow and be better humans right? You should want to grow and evolve whether you are in a relationship or not.

The person that you are with should be encouraging you and you do the same to them to grow in their lives.

Nothing is better than to see a couple who inspires and supports each others dreams! Dream big together!


You words and actions should show high regard of your partner to others. You value and respect their opinions and boundaries.

Yes you are a couple, but respect the individual person as well.

Mutual respect is what makes a healthy relationship flourish from the start.


You are in this together! Each person contributes to the relationship and brings their strengths.

It is a team effort as they say there is no “I” in team.

To have someone who has your back and they have yours and take on the world! What a great feeling!


Disagreements are a normal part of a relationship. No two people, no matter how much in love, are going to agree on everything.

Don’t hold back how you feel as that will only build up and cause an explosion later on. In healthy relationship, you should

be able to fight productively and fairly. Try to listen and acknowledge your partners point of view. It’s not about whose right or

who won the fight.

More importantly to be able to say, “I am sorry” especially when you are wrong.

Fun & Laughter

Those who have can have fun and laugh together, stay together. Life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine and there will be days they drive you bonkers, but if you can have moments where you can have fun and laugh together you can get through the hard times.

Watching a funny movie, cooking together, having inside jokes together is really important to healthy relationship.

Fun and laughter bond you with your partner.


Intimacy & Sexy

You can be intimate in and out of the bedroom.

Sex is very critical part of the relationship,but intimacy encompasses connecting, emotional support, touching each other physically and emotionally.

Holding hands while you sit on the couch or walk the dog, kissing each other before you leave the house and once you arrive home are good examples of healthy intimacy.

By the way,If you are having sex every day KUDOS to you! It’s about finding what works for you as a couple.

In part with intimacy is keeping it sexy! It’s great to get comfortable with each other,but have some fun and mystery too.

Manscaping, lingerie, cologne and perfume and less burping and farting to bring your sexy back!

It’s All Healthy

A healthy relationship will never have you sacrifice your friends, your family, your self-respect or your dreams.

Don’t ever compromise your core values and goals for anyone as there will only be heart ache and regret later on.

Everyone has their own goals, values and what each other brings to the relationship.

Find your groove, balance and aura together and separately!

This will lead to healthy relationship bliss!

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2 thoughts on “10 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship–It Feels Right!

  1. Divorced 2x, but happily married now for 6 years I’m attracted to the 10 signs of a healthy relationship no pun intended. I could’ve used this site when I was younger for some tips. Some of us just need the experience of life and learn from our mistakes.
    This post makes a lot of great points and very thorough. Your own space, growth together, goals together and apart, trust, fun laughter all good points!

    1. Thank you for your reply! I am glad you enjoyed the article and the site. Totally agree it is about growth together and all areas! Look forward to your future comments!

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