11 signs of a toxic person

11 Signs Of A Toxic Person–Watch Out!

By Noell Romatowski

8.19.18-Watch out for these 11 signs of a toxic person. Do you feel your partner or the person you are dating is toxic? Read this article to find out more from The Dating Bliss.

Are They Toxic?

Are you wondering if your partner or person you are dating is toxic?

You feel like you have been given a shot of poison and need an antidote!

Do you feel like you never can do anything right? Trying to guess what you are going to get next or walking on egg shells around them?

You just might be dating or with a toxic person. It can be incredibly exhausting!

In the Huffington Post article, recent research shows that dealing with toxic people has a massive stress response on the brain.  Weeks can cause reverse affects and months can destroy neurons in the brain.

Dealing with it long term can cause serious affects on your brain and body.


Watch out for these 11 signs of a toxic person:


Boundaries won’t matter. Your feelings won’t matter. Toxic individuals will always manipulate you, a situation, anyone to get what they want.

Healthy people encourage and support each other. Manipulative people tell others what is best for them.

They won’t apologize, they will blame you and you will feel used.

They demand your full attention, but you can’t expect much from them in return.

He/She will want all of your time and to try to fully control you at all times. They could even be a narcissist. Read this article on dating a narcissist.

I actually was told from a toxic person in a dating situation,as long as I didn’t ask any questions he didn’t want to discuss or in his terms “push” him things would be great.

He wanted to manipulate the conversations and how our dating life would be to please him!

2-Non related info

A toxic person likes to bring up issues or information that happened from 6 months ago into the current conversation.

You could be discussing why he/she was late again and he starts talking about how they didn’t appreciate you not calling them back when they really needed you from situation 3 months ago.

Mind you it has nothing to do with the topic you are discussing and you are defending an old issue.

It is a tactic to project on to you and put you in the hot seat or to quickly forget what it was you were asking them about.

They might start talking about the weather, another person, work or sharing long story that leaves you going, WTF does this have to do with what we are talking about!!


Does your partner or someone you are dating exaggerate everything?  They may even boost or exaggerate their own qualities.

Do you hear, “You always”, “You never care about me”, it becomes an extreme comment.

This type of manipulation is nearly impossible to defend yourself from and boy do they know it.

They will find that one time you didn’t do something and take it to exaggerated level. Don’t engage with this type of conversation as you will never win or move on from it.


Have you had a time when you did or got something wrong? Did your person let you KNOW it and pour salt into the wound?

Toxic people are extremely judging and will always make sure you know what you did wrong, over, over and over again.

They may not know anything about the topic, the situation, but for sure will make sure their opinion is heard and the only one that matters.


Many toxic people know the time and place to act as if they care about someone or the situation. For the most part, they are very selfish and always is about them

I have a lot on my plate. I have a busy week. I have so much more to do than you do. I am such a good person. Sound familiar?

They could sit and talk hours about themselves and their life.

They also don’t really engage about you, only when they want something and if you are speaking they don’ t really engage or acknowledge what you are talking about.

It’s when they want to talk about it. When they want to do it. It’s all on THEIR time.


6-I Am Always Right–YOU Are The Problem

I am always right. Period.  YOU are the problem. There won’t be anyway to change that fact with a toxic person.

They don’t ever want to be wrong even if you they are wrong and you can prove it, show it and you say 100 different ways. It seriously doesn’t matter.

He/She may even become bitter, feel always attacked, mean, angry and get loud to prove they are right. You think it’s small and ridiculous they want to win and be right!

It could be the smallest issue or comment and they will fight to no end to make their point and be right. Most times you give up due to annoyance and exhaustion from the conversation.

The toxic people I have dealt with,I literally got to the point of saying to them if that makes you feel better to be always right that by all means be right.

Let’s just stop talking about it already! That’s what they want!! They WIN!


They love it and usually surround themselves with people who have a lot of drama as well. They thrive off the drama and the attention they get from it.

Have you been out to dinner with your partner and they talk to everyone about something terrible that happened to them?

You are thinking you don’t even know this person. They are thinking, let me get some attention and my ego fed in the process.

Do you notice them talking always about the drama in their own lives or have friends that always seem to be going through something terrible?


Do you feel your partner or the person you are dating blames everything, you and everyone else for their problems?

My friend was having an issue so they needed to talk, that’s why I am late. You understand don’t you?

You didn’t remind them that they had a doctor appointment so that is why they missed it.

They whine and complain about life and the bad hand they are always dealt and how others contribute to it.

There is zero ownership to their actions or issues that may have been caused by themselves.

I dated a guy that was late for every date and had an excuse and blamed something or someone else.

Never took accountable for why he was late ever!!



Lies come easily and often to a toxic person. They are compulsive liars.

In a moment, they will say what they need to, even if it is a lie to make themselves look good, not get into trouble, whatever is needed.

It was just a little white lie? It didn’t hurt anyone so what does it really matter anyways?

A lie is a lie and if you call them out on it, that will turn into an evasive conversation most times.


If you are looking for a straight answer or feel you never get a straight forward answer, you will look forever from a toxic person.

They are evasive and avoid answering a question like the plague.

Not wanting to play on the level playing field and you will find yourself having conversation like a dog chasing his tail.

It will never be a direct answer and it will twisted, flipped, forward, backwards and that you will be sitting and wondering what just happened.

Being evasive helps them to live under the radar of being called out on their sh*t!

11-Negative About Life & Others

I don’t like when you do that. I never get what I want. Today is going to be a terrible day.

Toxic people are always negative about life and especially about other people.

They will find an issue or something you do wrong and bring it up constantly.

Gossiping, blaming, shaming is all part of the life of toxic person.

Run Don’t Walk

Do you have a toxic person in your life that you need to run not walk away from?

Dating or having a partner who is toxic,can cause so much negativity in your life and to your self-esteem.

What we surround ourselves by affects us in our lives.

Don’t stoop to their level, be firm and lastly RUN don’t WALK!!

Let the toxic person go and enjoy life again! Toxic free!

Would love to hear from you! What your thoughts and stories on toxic people ?–noell@thedatingbliss.com





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