9 types of men--who to avoid

9 Types Of Men–Who To Avoid?

By Noell Romatowski

10.9.18-What type of men do you date? There are 9 types of men to avoid. The narcissist, mama’s boy or the man who forever needs your help. Check out this article to learn more as you are out there in the dating world.

Hook, Line & Sinker

Ladies, if dating isn’t challenging enough there are various types of men out there that can make it even harder.

You know the ones who come in sweep you off your feet, saying sweet nothing whispers in your ear, the promises and you are the girl of my dreams.

Hold on..wait a minute…there are some things you need to know and be aware of when meeting these men.

You need all the dating kryptonite you can get as these men are smooth talkers and can be extremely hard to spot.

Check out these 9 types of men you should avoid:

The Narcissist

Where to even begin talking about the narcissist!

He is a confident, sometimes overly, charming, successful, witty, funny and everyone around him pays attention when he is in the room.

You feel so happy, flattered and in a moment or within the first hour of the date you feel like you have met your soulmate.

This immense ego and showboat of self is actually a cover for an extremely low self-esteem, dark and shallow human being.

The narcissist is a vampire that will and can suck you dry of your money, energy, heart and soul.

Pay attention to how they act when others are around, compared to when it is just the two of you. Or even more so how they talk about people, their ex’s as they supposedly are always victim and talk down about everyone but themselves.

They lack true friends, always have drama and issues at work or with someone.

Check out my article :Signs of a narcissist–Are you dating one?

Mr. Marry

I really hadn’t met very many men in my dating years that had been married several times until recently.

We started out with a nice conversation and getting to know each other.

He did move a lot of the “getting to know each” fairly quickly and trust me I had that in the back of my head, why?

Than he hit me of course on the date, not when I asked him on the phone, that he was indeed married 3 times at the young age of 36.

I was like whoa..stop..wait a minute..back up! As I heard him explain each one, in my head I was like this is, Mr. Marry!

He used to getting what he wants and he rushes into locking it down with marriage. There will be plenty more proposals to come with this guy.

I just wasn’t going to be one of them!

Ask the question early on if they have been married before, although as we sometimes know we don’t always hear the truth.

Mama’s Boy

Ladies you know the mama’s boy who is 40 years old, but still gets treated by his mama like he is 16.

Take it from me who dated a mama’s boy it is annoying and you will never be number one.

Pay attention if even on the first date they talk a lot about their mama, they are close, she goes shopping for or with him,buys his car, picks up his dry cleaning and groceries..you get where I am going with this.

It may sound really sweet and cool they are close,but there needs to be a healthy balance.

As I learned too, you will soon become like a mother in the relationship without even wanting to be one!

Mr. Help ME

Help! I need somebody…that somebody is YOU!

Ladies, have you been on a date where in the first 5 minutes this man starts telling you about what is going wrong in his life?

All the drama or bad luck in his life and how he has been wronged in some many ways.

This man is looking for a woman to HELP him with everything in his life.

Be his rock, his support, his uplift and always have rainbow and sunshine flying out of your dupa..for him!

He’s a project, always needing your help and says he is going to get better with things he struggles with, but never does.

It could be changing jobs, getting a job, his spending, being on time to anything ,nothing changes with him as time goes on.

Run….he will exhaust you to no end and leave wondering how to get rid of him from your life.

Forever Bachelor

We all have met the forever bachelor, who has 101 excuses why they have never been married, or never had a long term relationship and they just haven’t met the one.

He’s the guy that will be a great, charming and you just don’t understand how he is single.

This man is single,because he has ZERO intention of ever being in a committed relationship.

Of course,they don’t come right out and say those words, but listen closely to what they tell you. How long was their longest relationship? Has he ever even been in a committed relationship?

I met a guy who had told me in a joking way that longest he had been with a woman was 3 months and hasn’t ever been faithful to any woman!! He was also 50 years old.

OMG…stop…I couldn’t get the check fast enough!

Peter Pan Man

Beer pong, kegs, bars, parties like a frat boy and his friends are his life! You have met yourself a peter pan man!

Even though, he may be in his 30s or 40s ,he still acts like he is in college and partying with his boys are the most important thing to him.

He may even suggest that until a woman sweeps HIM off his feet, his life will forever be dedicated to his pals.

The peter pan man knows all the hottest bars in town and even knows most of the bartenders by first name basis.

If there is a tough topic or situation to deal with this guy will be running so far away and become a ghost.

He can’t deal, doesn’t want to and is very immature. Leave this boy to his frat buddies to deal with.

Mr. Control Freak

This guy has literally control over everything! it may seem really nice at first that he plans things, make decisions and may even come off sweet.

Eventually, you will start to notice that you don’t have a say in anything and your time isn’t your own anymore.

Even what you wear,he is telling you or making suggestions for a date or what hanging out with his friends of course.

You will feel like you are being suffocated by Mr. Control Freak! It will be all about him!

Who , what, when, where will be dictated by this boa constrictor! Slither away..quickly ladies!

Mr. Ghost

You know the guy who is amazing, you feel connected, you have a great first date or even a few dates and than BAM..he is a ghost.

Just as fast as you can say, “BOO”, you never hear from him again..well wait..you do, but it can be weeks or even months until you do. He just ghosted you.

This sucks, it’s confusing, it hurts and we come up with 50 reasons, why this man ghosted on us.

It’s really simple,as I have learned through the years and having it happens to me more than once.

He’s emotionally not ready or available for any relationship. Period.

Mr. Ghost is stuck in purgatory from his past relationship, or you aren’t the only one in his life, but the reasons could go on and on.

The truth is,he will ghost again and may even do it a few more times.

Just to keep you interested, see if you will respond and see if he can get what he needs from you at that time.

Mr. Poor Boy

This man boy talks like he drives a Mercedes and lives in a big fancy house,when in reality he drives a pinto and lives with his mom!

He’s a smooth talker though and can get woman into giving him money, sex and so much more.

Acting so caring and loving, he only wants one thing and that is to get accustomed to money in YOUR wallet and remembering your pin number.

It can even start from the first date where he forgot his wallet or didn’t get a chance to go to the bank that day.

See how that works, now you are picking up the tab and you feel sorry for him. It has begun!

Mr. Poor Boy, as this isn’t a man, who wants to live and sponge off any woman for his own needs. Pathetic!

Stop, Drop, Roll On Out

I mean seriously if you feel like you are dating or keep meeting these 8 type of men…stop…drop…and roll right out of these relationships.

Trust me, it’s going to be a lot of wasted time, energy and feelings that will end up going no where unfortunately.

We all deserve the very best! Keep your head up and putting that positive juju out in the universe for Mr. Right!

Would love to hear your stories–noell@thedatingbliss.com

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