A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born Movie Review–Raw, Riveting & Relatable

By Noell Romatowski

10.12.18-Do you want to see A Star Is Born? Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper take the big screen together for this tragic love story remake. Read this movie review by The Dating Bliss.

No Makeup & First Debuts

Bring your tissues movie goers, as you are going to need them for this heart wrenching, passionate love story, A Star Is Born.

Lady Gaga, looking just as stunning with or without makeup, and trading in her trademark platinum blonde hair for a more brown subtle look.

This being her first acting performance and leading actress, Ally Campana, a struggling musician, looking for her big break in the industry, she was outstanding.

Bradley Cooper, had his first directing debut with this movie and left us all wondering when he will be doing his next one!

The fantabulous chemistry between the two of them was undeniable and made the story even more riveting!

Chemistry From La Vie En Rose

The Star Is Born, starts out giving us an instance glimpse into the lives of both Ally Campana, Lady Gaga and Jackson Maine, Bradley Cooper.

Ally trying to find her way into the music industry, while Jackson is on a fast downward spiral in his very successful music career.

Upon their first meeting in the drag club, where Ally sings after her day job, Jackson stumbles in after a show to see her perform “La Vie en Rose.”

The chemisty is instant and he wants to see the real her with removing one of her painted on eyebrows and insists to wait for her after the show to have a cocktail.

They end up having a long evening together from a fight in the bar, to Ally’s insecurities and body image issues, Jackson wrapping frozen peas around Gaga’s bruised hand.

Even further in the early morning, listening to her sing one of her songs she wrote, even though she is insecure to do so.

The movie starts with a bang and fireworks when he drops her off at home in the early morning light. He stops her as she walks away he calls her name, she stops and ask why, he said just so he could see her one last time.

True Love And Hardships

Jackson Maine, is very persistent in getting Ally’s attention by having his driver stalk her to come to one of his performances, having her sing with him on stage, to being part of the after party with him.

He is boundary less and Ally goes along for the ride of his whims.

From this very first rocker night together, Ally gets to see Jackson completely intoxicated and his brother, played by Sam Eiliot, putting him to bed and making the statement to her,” That you haven’t seen anything yet.”

The pivotal moment in the movie, is that when Ally knows clearly what she is dealing with, an alcoholic, and is making a decision on the edge of the bed to stay or leave.

We have all had this relatable moment in a relationship where do we stay or do we go? It can take us down two completely different paths.

Gaga is so swept up in her love and bond, choosing to somewhat ignore the issue and addiction that lays in front of her with Cooper, she decides to move forward with the relationship.

They become inseparable, enjoying their singing and touring together.

From that point on in the movie, we as viewers witness hardship of two lovers, who her rise of fame and his sense of loss of his career and fame.

He misses her first big gig and tells him that she won’t chase him down every again, which in the movie we see her try to save him and be his rock time and time again.

Maine drinks and pops pills behind her back and tries to act like everything is still together.

He begins to have resentment and jealous issues towards Ally, which causes huge issue within their relationship.

Cooper in his directing gives us a glimpse into Jackson Maine’s background and his broken relationship with his brother, who is also his tour manager and daily lifesaver.

Tragic Love Story


As we watch this intense love story unfold, it is like watching the build of a train wreck that is going to happen at some point.

Part of Jackson’s character we loved in the beginning changed. The uplift of Ally’s self-esteem and body image he cherished he started to use against her when she started rising to the top.

It was like a hot knife piercing her heart, listening to him once calling her beautiful and loving her nose, to saying she was ugly.

The train is rolling in fast and quick at this scene of the movie, waiting for the whistle to blow.

Ally rises to the top of the music industry and is nominated for a Grammy, where Jackson gets a gig for the Grammy’s, where they want him to play the guitar and not sing.

Her high point and his low point.

Feeling defeat, depressed and sorry for himself Cooper decides to soothe his pain with some pills and alcohol and the performance is very intense to watch.

The Grammy’s are a disaster for Ally, the greatest, biggest moment of her life and her very own husband Jackson Maine embarrassing her and damaging her career possibly beyond repair.

Yet again Ally is trying rescue him from his addiction, while he lays passed out cold in the shower.

This was a show stopping moment and this leads Jackson into rehab, to save his marriage and possibly himself.

Unfortunately the reason he goes isn’t for the right reason for himself, it’s for Ally.  There is so much emotional and vulnerability.

Jackson Maine tragically decides that Ally’s life would be more successful and easier without him.

Thumbs UP

The ending is beyond tragic, touching and very raw. Gaga’s singing Jackson’s love song was a tearjerker.

Overall the music gets into your soul and is an intricate part of this movie and the story telling.

Cooper in his directing, brings out the hard core reality and haunting truth of body image issues, insecurities, vulnerable masculinity, childhood trauma, ,depression ,addiction and the plague of mental health.

It doesn’t matter if you have all the success, fame and fortune in the world all these realities can happen and exist with anyone.

Lady Gaga being so in love, some would call, codependent on Maine, that she would never leave him.

She would do anything for him including giving up herself, music and her own successful career.

The body image issues throughout the movie such as Gaga disliking her nose and her referencing being told by music producers her nose didn’t give her the right look to be successful.

Eventually to take her career forward, she gives in to how society wants to hear and see her image.

A good reminder to women to embrace our true selves and don’t ever compromise.

Society can push us to be something we are not or truly don’t want to be.

It was truly inspiring, this was her first role in a movie and she played most of it without make up and her iconic look.

The roller coaster ride of loving an addict and wanting to save them is so real, when in reality they are the only one that can save themselves.

If you love or have loved an addict, this movie is very real, touching and heart wrenching.

Take your box of tissues for this 2 hour gut wrenching drama and go see Gaga and Cooper rock the movie screen.

Would love to hear your thoughts and reviews on the movie–noell@thedatingbliss.com

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