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The Dating Bliss is all about love, life and laughter! It has an inspirational twist discussing dating, relationships, fashion, health and so much more! With sharing real life stories, articles, books, tips and humor to our lives ,you can walk away with a laugh and a little more wisdom.


Thank you so much for visiting The Dating Bliss!!  We all know that dating, relationships and heck just life in general can be fun and blissful or hard as hell. All the blood, sweat and tears that goes in to finding love and keeping healthy love in our lives. The fun, confusion, heartache, reality and the joy in life. In sharing and relating with you all here at The Dating Bliss, my hope is to convey some wisdom along with some good hearty laughs!



Dating was so much easier when I was 15, right? How many of you said that 100 times in the past two weeks while you swipe left on Tinder?:) A man or a woman would come up to you at the gym, a bar or even grocery store, say hello and ask if they could have your number. WOW… an organic meeting & connection! Who has experienced this lately?

There was no such thing as cell phones, texting, sexting, ghosting, bread crumbing, cuffing, jelly, crazy bae…you get my drift, when I started dating! The dating world has changed drastically and is much more fast pace with so many rules, words, apps, sites..it can be darn right overwhelming don’t you think?

Just keeping up with terms now of what people do to each other is a lot of “WERK” (meaning–when you had to put a lot hard graft in to get the girl or guy to agree to go on a date with you 🙂

I am a 43-year-old woman who has been in the dating game for some time. Too many years to maybe put into writing, but you all can do the math:) I have tried sites from when Match & Eharmony first came to the internet dating scene to latest & greatest of the dating world of apps such as Tinder & Bumble.

Many of my single friends would call for dating advice or fashion advice asking if shorts, a baseball hat and a beer t-shirt with flip-flops were appropriate for a first date! Mind you he lived in the cold Midwest state of Wisconsin and it was middle of March:)

I have experienced, heard and seen with my own eyes some truly funny to darn right crazy stories! I have had dates ask me if I could pay for the dinner and he would get the dessert to I brought sexy back not Justin Timberlake….Yes he actually did say this to me with a straight face:)


I am not perfect by any means and I am learning every day about me, from my mistakes, about life and will never stop doing so until I day I am no longer here!

Going through my own dating and over all life experiences over the years ,I wanted to create a website to relate, share, help  and inspire each other. It’s not easy and we all could use some support and encouragement along the way. I know I do in my life!

More importantly a little bit of relatable humor, or maybe a lot at times!

Life can be bliss , don’t you think?

Please feel free to reach out to with me any questions, topics, great products, books, stories , quotes etc.. Would love to hear from you and I will be more than happy to help you out at noell@thedatingbliss.com

To finding bliss in love & life~



Founder of The Dating Bliss- Noell Romatowski, a fashion developer by day and a passionate foodie, yogi and gym bunny( I don’t think gym rat is sexy:) by night

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  1. Great site.First dating site I have seen dedicated to both men and women

    Excellent Idea!

    1. Thank you so much Nigel! Dating isn’t easy for anyone and I am happy to share, help and relate with both men and women! Look forward to hearing more from you:)

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