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Advice On Dating A Strong Woman–Is This What Men Really Want?

By Noell Romatowski

8.8.18-Are you looking for advice on dating a strong woman? Is this what men really want? What are your thoughts?

This hot topic is explored in this article from The Dating Bliss.

Dating A Strong Woman

What’s it like to date a strong woman? Do men really want a strong woman?

Dating a strong woman is what most men state they are looking in the dating world.

Some men get intimated when they realize she is driven, opinionated and passionate in their lives.

Don’t confuse the meaning of a strong woman as dominate, abrasive or the big “B”word!

A strong woman gets the stereotype they can take care of everything themselves and they don’t need a man.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

A strong woman is passionate, committed, straight forward, genuine, loving and beyond loyal.

To a strong woman, she wants a teammate and a partner to support, grow and accomplish together.

She will for sure make room and that space in her life for you, if you are that man. Indeed some women need to be reminded of that once in a while too.

Advice On Dating A Strong Woman


A strong woman doesn’t want to hear excuses and dance around issues. Be a straight with what you want and what you are saying.

She will be the same to you in return. She is a problem solver, not a mind reader and guessing how you feel.

Trust me she has zero patience and time for it and if you are looking for sugar coating head to your local bakery!

2-Jealousy Antics

Talking about other women or constantly name-dropping Suzy, Jane, Liz… etc will NOT go over very well.

Posting on social media sites pictures of you with women and thinking this will make her jealous will severely backfire.

A strong woman is secure in herself and knows what she wants.

It will actually look to her that YOU are extremely insecure and kind of turn off making a juvenile attempt to make her jealous.

Leave your games at home!

3-Real Conversations

Passionate, educated, dedicated and having lived an experienced life, a strong woman will desire and carry on real conversations.

She will want to discuss topics such as politics, world issues, current news and how she feels and she will have her own opinions about those topics.

Surface talk or conversations will only get you so far and she will quickly lose interest.

4-Decision maker

A strong woman has many decisions to make in her life and day. From possibly work, family, kids she will rock and rolling all day long.

The last thing a strong woman desire is a man who is wishy-washy or can’t make a decision. Texting her you don’t know what you want to do or go for dinner will not go over well.

She is looking for a strong man, a partner that can take the lead and make decisions in the day for various areas of life too.

You will impress her highly if you send her the restaurant info, time for the reservations and depending on where you are in dating, the time you will pick her up for the date.

5-No Flakes

If you say you are going to do something..DO IT! A strong woman won’t take the time to figure you out or try to understand why you aren’t doing what you are say that you would.

You will be dropped like a hot potato!

If you stated you are going to call at certain time, make plans for the weekend or get tickets for an event..take action and do it.


Looking for a woman who is loyal, strong and extremely committed? A strong woman will expect honesty, respect and commitment in return.

An article in Power of Positivity, strong women are clear in their visions, goals and want to see similar ambitions in the men that they date.

A strong woman goes after what she wants and once she gets it she is committed and gives you her all.


7-Never Boring

Looking to be active, adventures and finding new places to go? A strong woman is a go getter and likes adventures and exploring what life has to offer.

She likes to relax and chill at home as well, but can in turn suggest a quick weekend getaway to the beach.

Trying new activities, movies, food..she is willing to try new things once!

8-Man Not A Boy

At the end of the day, strong women are looking for a man who is a man, not a boy!

She wants a man who can be romantic, respectful and chivalrous.

A man sees that she is an independent strong woman, but she wants to still be wined, dined and treated like a lady.

Smothering, demanding and wanting to spend every minute together is not going to happen with your average strong woman.

Being emotionally mature, is one of the top qualities on her list of what she is looking for in a relationship with a man!



Most strong woman have done a lot of soul-searching and experienced life.

They have no fear of expressing their feelings and how to articulate those feelings. It can be her sharing, relating or showing how she feels.

She wants a man who can share his feelings, but also be a good listener.

The support will be returned when you are expressing yourself men. If you had a bad day at the office and need to vent,she will be there for you times two!


A strong woman will have the drive to obtain the job and role she wants in her career. A strong mind, body, soul drives her in her life.

She wants drive to match her drive and if a man has a little more, that is icing on the cake for a strong woman!

Do you live life to the fullest and with zest? Are you doing what you love? Are you positive?

That’s a huge plus to her as she too is living a healthy, happy lifestyle and constantly learning and evolving in her life.

Don’t forget she very much enjoys the balance of travel, laughter and having fun too!

Will You Date A Strong Woman?

No matter who one dates it takes two people to partner together to make a winning duo.

If you both know who you are, what you want out of life, a strong woman could be the potential match for you!

Would love to hear your stories!

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