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Best Dating Apps In 2019–Bagels, Bees, Flames & Sweat

By Noell Romatowski

What are the best dating apps in 2019 ? Which one should you invest your time and energy into? Are you trying to understand how each dating app functions and what the differences are between them? Explore this article on best dating apps in 2019!

Which Dating App To Pick?

You decided to join the world of dating apps and there are A LOT out there to say the least. I feel like there is a new dating app being created every day!

The first step in deciding is to really know what YOU are looking for in dating. Be honest with yourself, if it is to just go on a lot of dates, hook ups, long term relationship as this will help guide you in the direction of which 1-2 or more dating apps that you may want to try.

In an article, in the Independent, Millennials spend 10 hours a week on dating apps and the average male spends 85 minutes per day on dating apps and average female 79 minutes. The average log on to a dating site is 9 to 10 times a day!

WOW that’s a lot of time and energy a day people are spending on dating apps alone! Do you think 79-85 minutes a day is a lot? It really depends on what you are looking for of course.

Quality over quantity in my opinion and you could turn it into a part-time side gig managing your dating apps!

Let’s take a peek at the each dating app and some features. There is way more out there to be explored and many new apps to write about in the near future. Here are the best dating apps in 2019.



This is the Bee dating app! To start, this dating app is different from the others as the woman has to initiate the contact first. Once you both have swiped left and liked each other then the woman has to initiate contact within the first 24 hours.

You have to say hello ladies within that time frame if you are interested otherwise POOF, he will be gone!

Interesting, on this app, for same gender matches, either person can initiate the contact.

I found that more people add a little more information about themselves on Bumble then on Tinder, but they are very similar in setup. Six pictures or less are allowed on your profile.

I like the fact that you no longer need to sign up through your Facebook account and it’s one of the few dating apps that clear states it’s code of conduct of safety and no pornographic material.

Shake your phone and they come back to you! If you accidentally swipe left ,you can undo your swipe with 3 backtracks. This is a nice added feature when you get swipe left happy!

Bumble also has a feature where you add your Instagram account so it gives a bit more insight into the person.

If you don’t want to be the one ladies, starting the conversation this app would not be for you. Otherwise, join the bee buzzing crowd on Bumble.


You have to sign up for this dating app through Facebook and a bonus it is free. That is where Hinge is different then rest as it looks for your potential matches through your Facebook friend’s list.

Make sure you want to share everything you have on Facebook, as that is what sets up your dating app profile.

You can chat with your matches through the Hinge app, but it encouraged to meet more quickly in person using this app.

It is an interesting concept that some say it eliminates the “catfishing” and you already have something in common with being matched through your friends Facebook list.

You will receive new recommendations daily and see if someone has liked something in your profile which can be a conversation starter.


Let’s face it Match is like the grandfather of online dating period. You don’t have to sign up through Facebook and it is a few questions, a few pictures and you can fill in the rest as you go.

I found the app is just as easy to maneuver as the desktop version of the site, which is awesome.

You can wink at profiles you are interested and also daily matches are sent to you as well. Not sure some times how those matches are linked to you, but it’s a nice added feature.

The downfall, in my opinion, is in order to get the most of this dating app and features you really do need a subscription. If you are looking to spend no money this probably won’t be the dating app for you.

Match is always running specials ranging from $21+ a month and they have deals if you purchase 3, 6,9 month subscriptions.

Besides having the daily matches, you can also see who’s viewed me, search and email someone you are interested in.

Great feature with match, you don’t have to wait for him or her to be interested or swipe on your profile too. You can show interest at the level you want to by winking or emailing the person right away.


This dating has been on fire since it started in the dating app world. In 2017,Bustle reported that Tinder dominated the dating app market with 74% of dating app users and still number one among millennial in 2019.

One can set up a profile and a picture in seconds and start swiping! That’s how simple it is to join and you can start swiping and scrolling through your potential matches.

This dating app shows location and how far away a person is to you. This is a handy feature if you are looking for a hook up or to see who is out near you, while you are hanging out at the bar or club.

On your dating profile you can share your top Spotify artists and Instagram and 500 character limit for your bio. Although I think most use 0-5 characters in their profile and those characters are their name LOL

Tinder is a very visual dating platform. I find this to be somewhat of downfall using this dating app. If you are looking more for the quick hook ups this would be the app for you.

You can on the Tinder Plus turn off the age and distance features. GIF and photos can be sent to someone you swipe and connect with too. A feature of “liking” their chat messages is a new feature as well.

The latest feature they added is a feed that if you have connected with a man or woman. It will show you their latest uploaded pictures.


Very similar to Tinder, Badoo is a visual focused dating app. Quick to set up your profile with some basic information and some pictures and you can start swiping away.

Badoo takes extra step to use a verification method based on a persons uploaded photos, connected social media accounts and phone number.

Many of the features you do have to pay additional like the super power feature, but you can join and engage fairly well for free.

All you selfie lovers, looking for someone in your location, as it does have locator feature, then this dating app is for you! You can connect all your social media sites and share with matches. It is a very social driven dating app.

As of June 1st 2018 , on Badoo you can watch live broadcast and play them back . You can send messages during live chat session  and than once match is made you can do live chat session together.

Well I think it would eliminate ghosting but not sure how many would feel comfortable have a live chat session right away. Guess we will see after it launches this month.


I have to admit being the gym bunny that I am, I was excited to see finally see a dating app to bring people who share that same passion together.

Instead of complex questionnaires, this dating app goes right to what fitness activities you like and how often you exercise. After you answer those few questions you can then post a photo and BOOM you a ready to start finding your like-minded fitness enthusiast!

You can filter your potential matches by distance, age and different interest preferences. If you like to do yoga, cross fit or run you can find potential mate who likes to do the same.

For all you gym selfie lovers, this dating app is for you as they are welcomed on this app!

It is still trending and upcoming growing dating app for 2019, but it is for sure targeted at a niche group of dating people. It can lead to a longer time finding matches and a bit more shallow then other dating apps.


Coffee Meets Bagel

Bagels and coffee how could one go wrong! LOL This dating app is more of the chill slow approach to dating so if you are looking for hook up or quickly interact with people, there is probably a better dating app for you.

Similar to Hinge, with finding matches from Facebook friends of friends, it will only send you a limited number of matches a day and the quantity will and can vary daily.

Coffee Meets Bagel created photo lab which helps you choose your best profile picture. They also have what they call a WOO like a super swipe like on Tinder.

The ratio is 60% women and 40% men on this dating app. It is perceived more than a dating app and less of a hook up could explain the ratio increase of women.

The site can be used for free and they do have a $34.99 which they claim is supposed to prevent ghosting. Very interesting added feature as this often happens in dating.

Have You Found The One?

Whatever you are looking for in a dating app there is at least out there for everyone! Looking for that quick hook up, look at your Tinder and Badoo or wanting that more long term potential, take a look at Match or Coffee Meets Bagel.

If you are looking for gym partner then Sweatt is for you or ladies if you want to have the power of the contact then join Bumble.

My best results have been on the dating apps Match and a little bit on Bumble. Tinder for me was a bunch of ghosting and not many looking for anything long term.

I did however have one guy ask me if I would marry him on his first chat to me, even though he called me by the wrong name! I guess he didn’t read my bio LOL

It really again though depends on what you are looking for and as for myself, versus someone who is 21, could be looking for very different dating matches.

No matter the dating app you choose to have fun and enjoy the dating bliss!

Would love to hear your stories, feedback! You can reach me at


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2 thoughts on “Best Dating Apps In 2019–Bagels, Bees, Flames & Sweat

  1. Hello,
    I am strictly using badoo, but definitely gonna check out more of these. Each of them pluses and cons, but which one do you think is most serious? I mean, most of the sites are full of people who just want to chat. Which is good I sometimes. I met of my best friends on a dating site.

    1. Noell Romatowski says:

      What is your opinion on Badoo? What do you think of the new live chat they are launching this month? I totally agree with you all of the app’s have pros and cons and it really depends what it is you are looking for. In my opinion, the dating apps have been more chat and ghosting than anything else. I do use the Match app which I really like and have had the best results for me. I actually have had conversations and even dates off it where as Tinder has been the opposite. Check out article Best Online Dating Sites 2018-How Do You Pick?. Thank you Sven so much for your comment! 

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