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Best Dating Books For Women–Read Up Ladies

By Noell Romatowski

Love to read and want to learn more about the in’s and out’s of dating? Look no further as I literally have read probably every dating book for women out in the market! I have a great love for how the mind works in general, but fascinated by the dating mind of both men and women.

There are so many best dating books for women out there it is hard to know which ones to pick! These books can not only give some guidance , but also be there as reference tool when needed. Why not pick up book with a nice glass of wine, cup of tea or coffee and relax and learn a few things about what the experts say about dating.

In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want By Iyanla Vanzant

This is a fantabulous book to read if you know you want to find love,but have no idea where to start or how to go about doing it. This book digs deep into yourself to figure out steps in how to go about getting what you want out of life and love. Iyanla, is truly amazing person and author, really breaking it down from how we all want to find love,but just how do we go about cleaning our own “house”( ourselves) to make sure we get what we truly want.

Our mental housekeeping will get us to our authentic self and in turn will attract the same in return. I have read this book several times throughout my life. After a breakup, when I really feel like I want to give up and need to really refocus myself into what I want in life and another human being in my life. Mental checking and preparing yourself is key.

I love this quote from her book, “You have done all you can do, tried all you can try, hurt all you can hurt, given up so many times that love will only be the way in or out. The day will surely come.” IT”S A MUST READ! I don’t even have my copy anymore as I have given out to several friends over the years!Click below to buy your copy now.


Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl―A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship By Sherry Argov

WOW this book was a true wake up call for me! This is written with such truth, reality and brutal honesty which I loved. Like the title says from doormat to dream girl which all of us have been there at some point or another. Sherry Argov really digs deep into why women act the way we do and how men think or see us as a result.

Why are men nice in the beginning than change? Do you wait around by your phone for him to call or text? Do you drop everything no matter what time of day or night it is to spend time with him? Stop being a yes woman to becoming a savy dating warrior. This book is for you to really get your mindset in a healthy place in the dating world.

I have dogeared many pages and re read them when I have moments where I may need to remind myself and establish some clear respectful boundaries. I really enjoyed reading this for the laughs, the truth and reality of men and women. I am going to order the next book of hers , Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Her Man’s Heart by Sherry Argov. Click below to buy your copy now.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Expanded Edition: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment By Steve Harvey

I honestly didn’t love the idea of reading a book by Steve Harvey as he has been a cheater and divorced a few times, so I was like what can he teach me about love and dating. A good friend of mine highly recommended it and the fact that it did sell over 2 million copies and became the bestseller around the world  so I decided to take the jump! I have to say I am glad I did as Steve really gives a woman true simple insight into how a man thinks.

He dives into the fact that men always have the “fix it” mindset when women talk about their problems. To the “90 day probation period “for the cookie:) He gives some good tips and advice on how to put spice into a relationship and what you should know about being a wife before saying I DO.

Being the comedian Steve is, it had a lot of great humor and giving us women the real truth behind how men think. Steve really articulates that men and women are very different and  we just aren’t going to change that so how can we live with it and both be truly happy! I am glad I read it and recommend this as good, quick and fun read.Click below to buy your copy now.

He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys By Greg Behrendt

For all you Sex and City lovers out there this book came based off of one of the episodes. I loved that show so much it was no brainer for me to read and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It is a tough love book that really simply says, why are you wasting your time, he’s just not that into you.

We as women will spend hours upon hours talking about a guy’s behavior, asking others well why do you think he didn’t call or what did you think he really meant by what he did? This book really states the reality that men are simple humans and women like to make it something it truly isn’t.

We have tendency to waste our time or spin our wheels on the wrong things and for sure the wrong men. It is great humor, very direct and really shows women that we are fantabulous and deserve the best. I loved that it came from man’s perspective and truth. It should for sure be on every single women’s nightstand!Click below to buy your copy now.

Enjoy taking some time to feed your brain and learn more about yourself and dating! Hopefully these best dating books for women offer some insight, knowledge and leading you to finding Mr. Right! I would love to hear from you on your thoughts on the books and any others you have enjoyed reading.

To dating bliss!

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