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Best Online Dating Sites 2019-How Do You Pick?

By Noell Romatowski

Zoosk, POF, Match, eharmony, OkCupid…AHHHHH where do I start??? How does one narrow it down and really focus on just one or maybe even two best online dating sites  2019.  It really depends on of course what your criteria is and what you are exactly looking for in your online dating experience.

Are you okay with paying and if so how much? Do you want to start free to get a feel for the site? Are you looking for the ability to search for your matches or have them sent to you? Each of these sites runs a bit differently and has different criteria. Here we go, breaking down the top 5 ,in my own experiences and research ,for single dating sites.


1. Match

$13-$24 a month depending on length of subscribed time chosen and which promotional deal they have running. Match is one of the first and oldest online dating sites..yes that would be why I was on it when it started:) New user’s can can get a feel for how the site works,but all the features including photos and email ability, but you must be a paid user.

On Match you can search for matches, Match will also send you daily matches and user’s can reach out to you as well via email or chat. All photos and content you enter goes through approval process first before anything is posted.

You have the ability to set up a dating criteria with filters such as age, location, how many miles within the search and much more. If you so choose you can get extra feature add-ons that will be at additional cost such as VIP or seeing when your email has been delivered and read. The mobile feature works very well as if you were on your desktop computer.

Another feature is to take people you don’t want to see further in your search as well as blocking ability if there happens to be an issue with a user.  Trust me it can come in to use!

Match has added many features Matchphone, Games, Highlighted Profile to name a few, which for me personally I don’t care about those features, but some might like it. They have pulled out a lot of stops for the user’s on this dating site. Match is one of the better sites for all sexual orientations which is really cool too!

The Dating Bliss tip-If you are new or frustrated to the dating scene and looking for something more serious I feel this one is one of the better options. It’s easy to use and has some amazing features and a large user base.  I personally found it to have a good amount of matches in my age range. Match also runs a lot of promotions and deals to be a paid user.

2. Zoosk

$15-$30 a month depending on subscription time chosen for full access to the site. Zoosk has a large member base and one of the most popular for their dating app. It is very easy to navigate and to sign up. There are multiple options to promote your profile and look for matches. You would need to browse profile by profile to find your matches ,which I found to be very tasking or they kind of sort of  have a behavioral matchmaking system that will send you matches. It’s pretty poor and isn’t accurate in any sense of the word! Messaging is restricted to paid members although this is a site you can be a free member and see photos. There also is no chat ability on this dating site.

The Dating Bliss tipThis is probably one of the easiest, fastest dating sites to set up your profile and start searching for matches. It’s simplistic and straightforward with low key, low pressure vibe.

Zoosk is more geared towards fast paced, forget the talking,”Oh I forgot to ask,what’s your name?” to let’s get to the date. It’s not about taking some time or heck even a day 🙂 to get to know each other. It’s not for quality possibly over quantity or a long term serious dating or relationship.

3. eharmony

$9.95 for 24 month subscription to $59.95 per month for full access to the site. Eharmony is very different online dating site than most using it’s 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility matching system backed by more than 15 years of data. It has a unique guided communication system which keeps the email process streamlined and identity protected.

There are questions that you can select along the way to ask each other. They are preselected questions or you can type your own question as well. A few of the big differences in eharmony versus the other dating sites is you can not search for matches.

The system searches and selects for you and sends you your potential matches. This does make the discovery process more lengthy and not as quick to match and chat as some other dating sites. This is not a site that you can email “Hey, what’s up?” it is more structured and doesn’t have a search, browse, instant email or chat features.

The Dating Bliss tip—If you get overwhelmed by the mass user base on some other sites, this site is for you. You can allow the site to send you your potential matches. This is a good one to steal a deal around a holiday for 3 day free trial to gain full access to the site. You can also can find 40% off coupons or promotions out on the internet too.

This is for sure the dating site for the more serious dater looking for long term relationship or possible marriage due to the cost and also the lengthy process to set up your profile and communicate with members.  You could for sure fall asleep waiting for potential matching profiles or be sent matches from another state !

4. Plenty of Fish

$7.50- $12.50 a month depending on the length of the subscription time chosen. POF or Plenty of Fish is one of the few dating sites that you can have the most options as a free member. The app for this site is very user-friendly and has advanced searching features. There is zero matching algorithm, no id confirmation or chat ability. It is the first dating site to be smart home friendly.

It also has a newer feature called Spark that helps the user quote any part of a members profile to break the ice and start conversation. There is also features to advanced search by whose online, city etc. They have a paid feature called Meet Me, which allows you to rapidly browse profiles pictures and you get to choose yes, no or maybe.

The Dating Bliss Tip—The easiest free dating site with the most options with a massive member data base. It is for the person who truly doesn’t want to pay to be on dating site. Interesting update I did find,is that only women on POF ,can send photos as it was reported to many men were sending inappropriate content.

I also can say from my own personal experience there is a lot of catfishing or fake profiles on POF. But do remember the saying you pay for what you get! FREE profiles!

5.Elite Singles

$17.95 for 12 months to the range of $59.95 for one month— Elite singles is the newest of all the dating sites with only being on the scene for 5 years. This dating site is geared toward the more mature professionals looking for love perhaps the first or even second time around. It is one of the few dating sites that their main user is around the mature professional looking for a serious long term relationship.

When you sign up you go through a very lengthy process. They for sure invest money to make sure the profiles are real,which in turn gives the user feeling of safety and a high percentage of user’s on this site looking for a similar relationship. The desktop and app are very user-friendly. Being a member of this site for free literally has no purpose as the members faces are blurred out, which I found to be really strange and you can’t email unless you are a paid member.

The Dating Bliss Tip–This site is right up there with eharmony for the serious dater definitely not for the free user or someone who wants to try it out for free. It is probably the most intensive when it comes to compatibility questions and also safety on a dating site.

This is for the more middle-aged mature professional. For sure not the site for the young or middle aged looking for multiple dates or the serial dater!



As you can see all 5 of these best online dating sites 2018 have pro’s and con’s, but really it is all in the wants and desires of the user. From my own personal experience the most matches and dates of some quality:) came from Match. POF was a lot of younger individuals looking to see how many dates they could go on, possible sugar mama seeking, which for me was not what I was looking to do!

eharmony has a decent matching system,but I would say you do have a much smaller pool of matches and can see “Jim” come around as a match a few times even when you decline.

Zoosk was a lot of very young user’s, not serious daters and more of the do you want “Wanna kick it” or “Netflix and chill” :)As for Elite Singles, this was probably the most serious of sites, but also the most expensive with not as many user’s ,so the matching was very minimal.

Online dating is the way most are dating these days and hopefully now you have a better idea on which site you may go with. One thing I can guarantee for sure is there will be lots of awful usernames, even worse photos and plenty of stories to tell!

It’s always a good idea to check out each site on your own and see what appeals to you! Let me know how your thoughts on the dating sites you choose and your feedback at

Enjoy the dating bliss and be safe!

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2 thoughts on “Best Online Dating Sites 2019-How Do You Pick?

  1. Hey really good article, i have used some of them dating sites in the past. I am not big into dating sites anymore because its rare of anything good to come out of it. I know this is my opinion but its like when you find a girl you like talking to, or the other way around she/he would be talking to a lot more people at the same time. The most recent one i have used was pof.

    1. Noell Romatowski says:

      Totally understand your feelings Justin as I have been there plenty of times myself!!  I have used POF and I think I was on there a day. I didn’t much care for it, but it’s to each what you are looking for. Have you tried any other  dating sites?  Check out my article JUST MEN TALK—-TOP DATING ADVICE FOR MEN which has some great tips as I do feel it does start with knowing ourselves too and knowing what we do and don’t want for ourselves and from others. That is the more difficult part of the dating world now is the ability to have quick responses and if someone likes it or not there is 100 people around the corner on the apps and sites for men and women to go to. I try to stay true to myself which can be hard no doubt about it! Thank you for the reply and look forward to hearing back from you!

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