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Book Club Movie Review–Thumbs up or down?

By Noell Romatowski

Have you been wanting to see a good romance comedy movie lately ? Did you see the preview for Book Club and wondering if it’s worthy of going to see in the movie theatre? Learn more from my Book Club review!

The movie is a romance comedy movie released May 18, 2018, with all star cast of Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Candance Bergen and Mary Steenburgen. Learn more from my review about the movie.

4 Hollywood Legends

I went to see the movie as I was intrigued to not only see these 4 fantabulous actresses on screen together, but the fact that director Bill Holderman made a rare and unheard-of sex-comedy movie about 65+ age group dealing with marriage, divorce, dating and sex. I am a movie buff and I don’t recall any movie being done in this genre and age group recent or ever!

book club

Youngest In The Theatre

My girlfriend and I decided we wanted to go see  Book Club, as tropical storm Alberto decided to present himself on this Memorial weekend here in south Florida. Everyone knows this is a hot spot of a retirement community.

We walked in the theater and it was freaking packed with, but maybe 4-6 seats left in the entire theater. To my surprise,it was mix of both older men and women.

I was shocked to be honest! I am sure some men didn’t have a choice,but to see it with their wives and was part of their date. Whatever the reason may be, I have to say it was cool to see so many men at the movie.

The two of us were the youngest ones in the entire theater without a doubt.

Vivian & Diane

The set up of each character I thought was great! I could relate even at my age of 42 with each character, whether is been a friend that I had or have in my life or even myself experiencing a character’s life.

Jane Fonda, Vivian, enjoys living the single life and not getting emotional attached to any man. She is a wealthy,successful career woman,who still likes to date around.

With her on point amazing fashion, she shows us all that no matter your age just be yourself. She represented being timeless. She showed her fear of getting hurt and just wanting to protect herself by not getting into a serious relationship, which I could relate to myself.

Diane Keaton, Diane, becomes a widow after 40 years of marriage. She represents many women in society that think they have to do the right societal thing and take care of her family and do what her family wants her to do.

She forgets to take care of herself and thinks she still has to care for her adult married children as if they were still small children.

Sharon & Carol

Candice Bergen, Sharon, has been divorced for 18 years and still has not moved on from the divorce.

She still talks about her ex, his life, what he is doing as if it were yesterday that the divorce happened. She is a workaholic who has thrown herself into her work and has become the cat lady.

Mary Steenburgen, Carol, has been married to the love of her life for 35 years and has reached a major slump in their marriage. Since her husband had retired 6 months prior,the spark in their marriage and love life had fizzled out.

Wine & 50 Shades of Grey

I want to be part of the book club! Where is my glass of wine and 50 Shades of Grey book? LOL

I thought the idea of them having a monthly women’s book club and reading the books and having time together was brilliant.

It was a fun twist to have the women read the 50 Shades of Grey book and it started to spark parts of them they didn’t know existed. It changes each one of their lives forever.

Throughout the movie each of the character’s has an encounter with either men that are currently in their lives, flames returning or meeting new love interests.

More Wine & Sisterhood

Jane Fonda has an old flame visit her, Don Johnson, whom I still think looks handsome after all these years. She fights the fact that he is fun and takes her out of her rigid and non committal life. I really liked the chemistry between the two of them on screen.

Diane Keaton meets a new flame on an airplane of all places.Andy Garcia, whom played the koi, witty ,handsome ,secret rich pilot who shows her that life can be fun, adventurous and it’s okay to have your family and your own life too.

It was fun to watch their humor together and him bring her out of her shell even after being a widow. The element of her kids impressing upon her constantly her age of you are going fall, can’t be alone and you need us to take care of you was funny and ending on a learning note for everyone.

Mary Steenburgen is trying to understand what happened with her marriage.

She even goes to lengths to try to seduce her husband in her old waitress uniform which was hilarious and even puts two Viagra in his beer when they head out to dinner and he gets pulled over by the police, which been a very funny scene in the movie.

She throughout the movie is trying to get him to focus his energy on her and not on riding his old motorcycle. Instead of understanding him and fact of getting older, retiring and who they are now in their lives separate and together.

Dating Apps Even At 65+

Candice Bergen very successful career woman as a judge, whom is stuck back 18 years ago, decides to try on line dating. Using Bumble app she takes a picture of herself in a face mask and to her surprise she gets emails!

She goes on a date where they end up having sex in her car!

She gets inspired to keep searching for love when her ex has moved on and her son found love. I could relate to her feelings of being overwhelmed and having to explain your life on dating app or site. It is being very vulnerable in the biggest way.

book club

Thumbs Up From Me For Book Club

Book Club is a fun, light-hearted romantic comedy encompassing sisterhood, love, sex and reality of life after 65+. Holderman shows throughout the movie that women at any age talk about, want and desire love and sex in their lives. Sex isn’t just something men talk about and desire, women do too!

He did a great job encompassing marriage and dating life with each character.

The old flame return, met someone organically after being widowed,rekindled a dead marriage and dating on line. It was relatable and I enjoyed watching each character grow.

The movie had some great funny punch lines and sexual references made that I feel fit the audience and crowd.

There was TONS of wine and more wine in the movie which I thought was an interesting add on the directors part.

I didn’t realize that woman that age drank that much VINO! LOL

Maybe I Should Read 50 Shades of Grey Series

As for the 50 shades of Grey, I personally never read the book or had a real interest to do so. I watched the movie for about 10 minutes, as I didn’t get the connection from the acting at all.

I will admit after watching this movie it makes me want to read the 50 Shades of Grey series just to see what all the hype is about.

Bill Holderman reminds and shows us that the idea of getting back to in person, emotional, vulnerable friendships brings happiness, joy and friendship to a whole different level.

Whether be a book club, going to gym together, a movie we all need to get off our phones, computer and couches and live life.

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We all desire, deserve love in our lives no matter how old!

Wine, friendship, laughter…who wants to join Book Club?


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