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By Noell Romatowski

Do you feel your head spinning in all phases of dating and a date ? Look no further as I have complied a list of some top dating advice for men. These are going to help attract a woman, not send her running out the door!  What do I say? What questions do I ask? Do I text? How long do I wait to call?  What do I wear? I do believe this dating advice will help you through those feelings and have you on the dating bliss track!



I can’t stress this one enough…BE YOU! Be your authentic self from the photos you post to what you enjoy doing in your spare time. We as women truly know that not every man likes to talk long walks on the beach! Be true to your stats such as height and age to what you do for a living.

NOTHING is more of a turn off to start liking a man and he shows up looking like he’s 55 when he stated he was 40!? Trust me all those false qualities or statements of yourself will show through right away in person. A woman will want to go to the bathroom and crawl through the bathroom window on the date. I almost did once, but the window was too small!


Pick up your IPHONE..whatever phone…just call, not text! Women don’t want to be your text buddy. We have plenty of friends we can and already do text. You can’t have authentic real conversations and know the tone and intention of the person on the other side.

You get a sense of energy as well from a phone call and it can tell you a lot about a person before you may or may not even ask them out on a date. Woman want a man who can pick up the phone to say hello and see how her day was. HUGE BROWNIE POINTS! PS… leave a message! Women really like that too and trust me they may even listen to it a few times.


If you want to the seal the deal that a woman will not be up for more than that date or ghost on you completely is talk about the ex at all on the first few dates or conversations. Let that conversation happen organically after some time.

If it does come up keep your responses short, but without appearing to be suspicious. This for women, is a huge red flag that you aren’t over the ex, especially if you can’t stop talking about her or call your new date by the ex’s name. YES, I have had this happen more than once!


When you are taking the action to ask a woman on a date have an idea of place and time in mind. Women find it highly annoying to have a guy ask you on date than say,” I can’t care what we do. What do you want to do?” STRIKE ONE! Taking initiative shows confidence to a woman and that you care about the date and want to go on the date.


What’s your favorite food? Do you want to move in? WAIT WHAT??!! WHOA…Pump the brakes! Let things happen with a flow and don’t be pushy. No one wants to feel like they are being integrated. Spend time getting to know her via text and phone calls as it is very important. Especially online dating involves risk and anxiety for both of you. So many men want to meet in person before they even know your name or even have had one exchange of a message back and forth…BYE FELICIA!!



Do you want to “Kick it”? Do you want to “Netflix & Chill?” These are questions asked way down the road or NEVER! Make sure the first few dates are in public place to give ease to both of you. I know men like to think that women want them to ask them to pick them up, but now a days, it is best you both drive separately. That will let her know that her safety is your top priority too. Let’s be brutally honest, both men and women need to think of their safety first in this crazy world.


Remember the statement,” You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This couldn’t stand truer in the dating world. Men, we as women across the world want to say….PLEASE leave your sweat pants, velour sweat suits, gym shorts, beer t-shirts, 15 yr. old baseball hats and tennis shoes that looked like your dog chewed them for lounging with your dog on the couch!

It gives an impression you don’t care and you just got off the couch and showed up! Dress appropriately of course to the activity you are doing on the date.  Make sure your outfit isn’t wrinkled and matches. Make you are well groomed and don’t look like you just came from the bar with the boys. Wear your best and complement her on what she is wearing too!


A cell phone going off ringing, pinging, duck quaking, a voice saying,” You have a message my Lord”You are trying to get this woman’s attention and spend quality time with her. Women will notice, trust me, if you shut off your cell phone or it doesn’t leave your pocket throughout a date. Your full attention will be on her, the date and getting to know her. That is why you are there isn’t it!


Men have more of tendency to be analytical and conversations turn into fact sharing sessions instead of fun and flowing and truly getting to know each other. Women find those types of conversations boring and lose interest very quickly. Finding out facts is great and necessary, but mix it up with some funny stories, compliments, flirting and interest in her. Don’t do all the talking and make sure to ask questions that you want to know about her.


No one wants a player unless you are playing your Xbox or a sport that requires one! Be direct and say what you mean. If you want to ask her out on a date be direct and polite. “I am really enjoying our conversations. Would you like to go on date?” Simple and to the point. Make you sure you follow up if you say you will call to set up the date.

If you aren’t interested in getting to know her further or possibly another date, let her down with clarity and politeness. Remember treat others as you would want to be treated. It’s disrespectful and being a chicken sh**t  by saying you will call or yes, I want another date and you never call or reply. Women respect men a lot more when they are honest and real.

Ready to Conquer the Dating World?

Now men that you have some awesome dating advice put it to use! Be a true gentleman and women will notice. Go out there in the dating world and have fun, relax and most importantly BE YOU! I hope this dating advice has helped you along your dating journey or helped those just getting out into the dating world.

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4 thoughts on “DATING ADVICE FOR MEN–Just Men Talk

  1. Haha! This is great. All of this is good information. I have several friends that I’m going to forward this webpage too. They definitely need some dating advice. Can you believe it? I’m the only one married out of my 6 best friends. And we are all over 31 years of age. It’s time to get with the program, boys! haha

    1. Noell Romatowski says:

      Thank you Patrick! Hopefully your friends can get some good dating advice from not only this article but many more to come. Glad you enjoyed the information and tell your guy friends to get with dating program and follow The Dating Bliss! 🙂

  2. Win Bill Huang says:

    These advices are right on target. Men that fail at doing this will eventually make every women crawl out a bathroom window, or whatever hole our lady friends can find.
    I am already married, but I still remember all the old times when I was still “in action” when it comes to dating. I do realize that being “yourself” is important. Unfortunately, “being yourself” is also not easy!

    I have many friends who are sort of “geeky”. To them, being themselves means talking about online mmorpgs all day. Of course that creates a horrible first impression with the women they date. I mean, they were just being themselves after all.

    I think what the ladies mean by “being yourself” is more like “show me the true self that you are when you are emotionally connecting with the lady in front of you”. That is what ladies are looking for. If men were just being their “selves”, they would epically fail most dates in their life.

    Nevertheless, it is still good advice, but most men won’t really get it.

    1. Noell Romatowski says:

      I always say take what you need and leave the rest! Some will get it and some won’t and that is alright. It’s not easy being ourselves especially when we are afraid of others judgements and when we like someone. I do believe that if they don’t accept you for you than they are doing you are favor by moving on, although it is hard to see that sometimes in that moment. There is a great dating advice program for your friends too that helps with the approach and more YES!!! YOU GOT IT!!  emotional connect is what women seek! Thank you for your insightful and brilliant comment!

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