Dating In 2020: It Is A New Year

By Noell Romatowski

Goodbye 2019 and helloooooo 2020! It’s a new year and a new dating time. Read further to find out some ideas and trends that can help jump start your dating life in 2020.

Don’t Let The Door Hit On The Behind 2019!

2019 was an interesting year in the world of dating. Did anyone else feel the lack of connection and people really not wanting to put the time or effort into getting to know you?


I was so happy to read in Global News that the trend towards more organic connections and fewer people wanting to date for the sake of dating.

It was a year of ghosting, shallow connections and dating app frenzy! From bagels, bees, match, tinder..the list doesn’t quit.

Although dating apps will still be very much in the mix, I do think many are looking for a real human connection and interaction.

According to a survey by dating app Zoosk, online daters in 2018 were considered more old-fashioned.

This is exciting and I am looking for the dating shift in 2020 of phone calls, being asked on a date and more connection.

What Do YOU Want

In 2020, after this past year, people should or will spend a bit more time figuring out what they want and what exactly they are looking for.

No I don’t mean height or income, I am speaking of interests, hobbies and moral/values.

Just be clear and honest about whatever it is that you are looking for as it will help connect to right person(s).

Having received for the first time,a text from a man who thanked me for my time and that he met someone else he connected with more, was a kind gesture to me.

Some would be upset or hurt. I was just happy about not getting ghosted!

Check out this link to help you find and create your dating purpose and what you want.

What’s Your Dating Purpose?

Diversify in 2020

I was just sitting down and writing my goals for 2020. I believe in diversity in all aspects of your life. From health, wealth, spirituality and even in your dating life.

Have you tried a dating site? Dating app?

If you have only tried the same old app or dating site maybe it is time to diversify and try a new one or maybe get off all of them all together!

A trend I have been seeing more of is speed dating and lock and key events.

Remember back in the day before dating sites and apps were popular. These are coming back with people desiring a more intimate connection, not just on or through the computer.

Meet up is becoming more popular being able to meet others who have similar interest as you do. Plus you never know if someone you meet has a friend, brother, sister etc.

I am challenging myself to try one to two new places or events a month. What will you try or where will you go to next to diversify your dating life in 2020?

The options and more opportunities you give yourself the better. Plus you get to try new places and explore life for yourself while doing it. I don’t know about you but I am always up for meeting new people and having new experiences too.

Try A New Hot Spot

This hot spot is new to you! Step outside your comfort zone.


It can be a new restaurant you have wanted to try, a new happy hour location with friends or new coffee shop.

I have been telling friends for months I want to get back to meeting people the old fashion way, in person.

A few new hot spots I have added to my list are library and book store, yes I am reading nerd and wouldn’t mind meeting a book nerd too LOL

Trying a new gym. I have been doing the same boring classes and work out. Not saying you even have to leave the gym you are a member of but maybe going a mile or two further to a different location to meet other people and change up the scenery a bit.

Grocery shopping and trying a new location or new type of grocery store. I have met some pretty cool people at Whole Foods on a Sunday afternoon.

The dog park, for those of you who are a dog lover like me, it has been a great add for me not only a social outlet for myself and my dog,but to meet someone who had love for dogs would be fantabulous!

Meditation or yoga class. I met a few weeks a back a really cool guy that just so happened to be going to the same mediation class that I was. Give it a try!

At least you know that person has something in common with you and that is a great start!

Pick Up The Phone…Connect


In 2020, dating will have a shift into more individuals picking up the phone and wanting to hear the person’s voice.

A voice and 10 minute conversation can tell you a lot about a person.

I know for me I like to have a phone conversation, if not a few, as I have been pleasantly surprised that some are much connected via phone than text or the opposite they can fake in text and when you speak on the phone it is a different person.

Be more creative when you do send a message to someone than,” WYD” or “Hi”. I honestly don’t even respond to those messages as it shows just how much effort one is willing to make from the word go.

Read their profile and start off the conversation with something they have written about or a photo they have posted.

I know for me that shows you are trying and paying some attention to me and what I wrote not just the first photo that comes across your phone or computer screen.

Be Real

What are your thoughts and new things will you try in 2019 in your dating life? Are you ready for a change?

That change has start with you first! Be real, be confident and be you!

Good luck to fellow daters in 2020! Life is short and live the best life you can.

Cheers to dating bliss!




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