dating tips for men over 40

Dating Tips For Men Over 40–You Still Got It

By Noell Romatowski

7/28/2018-Do I even want to date again? Can’t she just magically appear? CLICK HERE to read key dating tips for men over 40. Guys,you got this!

Dating Over 40

Men, I am sure the thought of hanging out in your man cave would be a much easier thought and more fun than getting back out and dating in the real world again.

Maybe you are reeling from a break up or a messy divorce and the thought of dating is torture like watching a lifetime movie LOL

The days of being 21 or even 30 hanging out with the boys in the countless single bars, endless time on your hands and watching football all weekend is times of the past.

Now you are possibly a dad, well into your career or own your business and still have to squeeze in some you time.

The dating bliss is here for YOU! Here is some great dating advice for all you men over 40!

Step It Up

No, I don’t mean your game either LOL Sorry guys there is no magical wand where the girl will just appear! You have to step it up and put forth some effort to meeting her.

You will have to step up your social game whether it be social media and texting. Way more texting will occur and I don’t mean “hey” and “WYD”. That will be a quick no reply from her and right to her trash bin!

Back To Basics

Show up on time, call when you say you are going to call, be present, show interest in her, pick up the tab and walk her to her car.

These back to basics are good signs pointing to another date and being a  gentlemen.

I can’t tell you how many dates I have been on where men 40+ years of age don’t even do these basics anymore. Trust me, it makes a BIG difference.

Relationship Wants

Are you just getting out relationship ?Take some time to be alone. You need to figure out what you are looking for and what it is you want out of your next relationship.

This is where I feel like many men ghost women as they haven’t taken the time to figure out their stuff:), so they just disappear, instead of admitting that fact.

Pluck, Shave, Trim

I am not sure why the man beard idea of looking like Grizzly Adams took on a whole new life of not plucking your crazy eyebrow hairs, shave and trim your ears, nose and chest hair!

Take care of your hygiene guys! A woman isn’t looking for a Ken doll ,but we don’t want a Sasquatch either!


Google You

Trust me men, in this day and age most women are going to google you!

They are going to check out your social media sites and validate who they are talking to or going on a date with.

Make sure that what is posted out on internet of you is valid and what she you want her to see of you and your life.

That mug shot you may have looming out there on google, you may want to share sooner than later!

Confidence, Not Ego

Most women will say a confident man is an extremely attractive quality.

Now the ego maniac is a complete turn off! Nothing makes a date or conversation end faster screaming…. RED FLAG!

Get In Shape

Being in your 40s doesn’t mean you have to look like the Michelin man! You like and are clicking on women that are fit and take care of their bodies. Don’t you think they want the same?

In this article in The Guardian, male sperm declines after the age of 40! For those who still want to have a child getting in shape is key!

Exercise not only can get rid of that beer belly, but will increase your serotonin levels which will result in more energy and more stamina between the sheets!

Now guys ,if exercise isn’t a motivator after reading all that, I don’t know what is!


Recent Pics

When joining dating apps or websites, I know it’s tempting to want to relive the years of playing ball or when you had more hair.

Women want you to show up for who you are NOW,  not in your glory years 20 years ago!

You want women to post recent and a full body picture, you need to show up the same way.

If you are posting pictures of your travels or activities, make sure to notate the year.

Don’t Be A Deadbeat

Be positive not bitter bob, upbeat and show that you want to be out there in the dating world.

You want a woman to see the positive you and that you have lived your amazing life! They will learn about scars and baggage as they go.

The deadbeat dater is very obvious and will get deleted instead of a wink, email or a swipe!

Relationship Status

One word.. Honesty! Being in your 40s we all know that there has been other relationships and history.

Yes, you are single, sweet! If you are separated, you are married. Period. Are you married and living single, you’re married.

No other way to spin, twist or reverse it! Be honest and let that person decide on the status.

Deal breakers

Dating in your 40s has advantages. You have lived your life a bit and should know what you will and won’t tolerate.

Here is a helpful article to get you aligned with your deal breakers before you even start dating.

You want to someone who likes to travel and not sit watching every night of the weekThe Real Housewives Atlanta, Orange County, New get my point.

Don’t waste your precious time and stay true to you!

Cell Phone Madness

When on date ,please silence or turn off your cell phone. Understood, that if you have children, you may have to have it present ,but share that with your date.

Best advice ,is check it when you excuse yourself to use the restroom.

Even bigger fashion advice, is do not wear a cell phone clip on your belt ! Just say no!

Dating Apps & Sites

Don’t put all your hopes in one dating app or site. Spread your wings and options.

If you are just getting out in the dating world try dating multiple people and go on several dates.

This will help realign you in what it is you are looking next to be exclusive with someone.

Here is a great article on Best Dating Apps in 2018!

Do Not Lie

Men, you feel like you have to compete with the 20s and 30s somethings in the dating world. It’s tempting to excuse the little embellishing done on your profile.

Saying you are 42, when you are 49, is not an embellishment, it’s a straight up lie.

You might get that hot 30 year old to go on a date with you. When you show up ,she will truly see it. BOOM out of the gate you are 5’7″ instead 6’0″,  your age, and weight portrayed on your profile.

What you put out there is what you will get back!


Never The End

Being in your 40s guys doesn’t mean you have to settle or give up on dating completely.

This is your time to find what you are truly looking for in a woman.

Be realistic, be yourself , be social and gosh darn it, be fun!

Step out there handsome men and give dating a fighting chance.

Cheers to dating bliss!

Would love to hear from you with your stories & questions. I am here for you!









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