how to spot scammers on dating sites

How To Spot Scammers On Dating Sites–Am I Being Catfished?

By Noell Romatowski

Do you feel like you are being catfished and/or scammed? The person sounds way too good to be true? Want to know how to spot scammers on dating sites? Check out this article that helps you to protect yourself while you are on line dating and trying to find love, not be scammed!

Watch out! Scams Are Out There

I am writing this article to make sure all is aware this is out there and happening all the time in the world, including on line dating sites.

In Psychology Today article, it’s estimated that 53% of US participants admitted to having lied in their online dating profiles.

With this percentage of online daters, admitting to lying on their own profiles, one can only imagine those who are being a complete scammer on a dating profile.

Years ago, I was on a dating site and had met this most amazing man. It all started with one email and wow he took me a ride. I don’t mean a dating bliss journey either.

I am saying he was after his own agenda and was trying hard to scam me via the dating site I was on.

It was by the true universe alignment that there was a Dr. Phil shows that was making society aware of this topic years ago, that I quickly realized what this man was trying to do.

I am forever grateful for that show although many others aren’t and haven’t been so lucky.

This is why I felt I had to write this article so people can be aware of these internet snakes!


What Is Catfishing?

If you have done any type of online dating I am sure you may have come across or heard the word catfishing.

In Wikipedia, catfishing, is a deceptive activity where a person creates a fake identity on a social media platform to bully, for attention and for romance on the internet.

These catfishing losers use fake profiles and are on a mission to get what they are seeking out of communicating with someone.

Some of these catfishing fools are in it to get money, revenge, they are lonely and for something to do in their lives.

Whatever the reason may be, it is awful to be the person sitting on the other side thinking this human being they are talking to and getting to know is REAL.

There are so many heartbreaking stories, too many to be honest. People’s identities getting stolen and become a victim that way as well.

Watch this Dr Phil video of this man who gave over $200K to a woman on line and the woman whose identity was stolen in this midst of this scam. Both are of them are victims in a catfishing dating scam!

Warning Signs To Spot the Scammers

There are several warning signs to spot these scammers and catfishing jerks on the dating sites.

Read these and share with family and friends whom are online dating.

Are You A Model?

Be very cautious of the those who have photos that look like your Hollywood crush! They usually will only have that one model looking photo on their profile.

There is a site called Tineye that you can download a photo to verify and search the image or URL.

Check it out it’s a great tool!

Got You On The Hook

You get an email saying they like and enjoy doing all the hobbies that you enjoy. It sounds like a mirror image of yourself.

The scammer will try to hook line and sinker you into their scam as fast as they possibly can.

If you feel swept off your feet and it’s coming at you 100MPH! RED FLAG

Emotional Wreck

Very quickly this person has a lot of emotional issues or drama in their life.

They will share these deep intimate details that most of us take several dates and share over time.

You get swept up quickly into their life and what is going on.

Pull yourself out of the vortex before you get pulled in!

Ask lots of validating questions!!

Money, Money, Money

If someone is asking you quickly for money! PRESS DELETE and don’t look back!

No one that you just started talking to or even more so, that you haven’t met in person, at least a few times, should be asking you for money.

I had been emailing for a few days with my joker scammer and he went right to asking me for money.

He set up a story about his mom needing surgery and he needed to pay out-of-pocket for it. The surgery would save her life!

If it doesn’t feel right, listen to your gut!

No call or Skype Ever

You meet someone on a dating site and you are getting to know each other and it moves to next step of a call or Skype.

If you start to ask to speak on the phone or Skype to see them in person and they constantly have reasons or excuses why they can’t.

This is a sign of scammer who isn’t real and can’t show his true self on camera or the phone.

Many are from other countries and have accents when they tell you they from Los Angeles, a born and raised model!

Social Media

Check out whom you are talking to you on social media.

These scammers won’t have a presence on social media and if they do they won’t have any followers or friends.

That’s a huge sign especially with how social media platforms are greatly utilized today.


So Much Trauma

From the first email you hear so many stories of extreme trauma in their lives. They are setting you up as bait so they can come in for the kill.

Their mom is sick, their wife was killed in a car crash and son died in a freak accident all within one year time.

That is what was told to me very quickly in the emails I was receiving from my scammer.

For a hot minute I was like wow this poor guy and than I was like wait a minute…REALLY?!

Leading into our next warning sign…

Trust The Gut Feeling

I can’t speak volumes of this enough. Deep down if it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right.

Take whatever measures you need to validate what you are being told.

Trust me the more you ask questions and do a little research the scammer will either get raging mad when you confront them or they will ghost you!

In this case that’s a great thing!

Spelling Errors Galore

I have had a few scammers along the way that literally spelled every word wrong! Extremely poor grammar.

Another sign is they will use capital and small letters in the incorrect sentence structure as well. The I is most times lower case too as well as names.

i ReAly LIkE U. U ar beatiFul.

You get the idea! We all make grammar mistakes, but email after email?

Religious Claims

This person claims to be extremely religious and loves God.

I have even had scammers structure their emails around bible verses and claim that God brought you to them.

Ask questions about what they are saying as you may scare them away right away! Thumbs up!

Proceed With Caution

DO NOT give out your personal information to someone you just speaking to over the internet unless you absolutely trust the receipt.

Make sure you do some investigating and validating especially if those uncomfortable feelings come into your gut or mind.

Please be safe in your dating interactions online and I hope these warning signs keep you from falling into catfishing net!

Cheers to safe dating bliss! XO

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  1. If you are a guy, it may not even be a woman you are talking too. That is why the tip about the phone or Skype is important. There are a lot of great people online, but always have your guard up, in case they are a scammer.

    1. Thank you Jerry for your comment! So very true! It’s always wise to ask questions and make sure in a short time frame you speak on the phone, skype and/or facetime! Keep reaching out with comments, questions or feedback! :):)

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