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How To Write A Great Online Dating Profile–Is ABSOFSTEEL A Good Profile Name?

By Noell Romatowski

Learn how to write a great online dating profile. Wanting to join a dating site and have no idea where to begin on writing a profile that will stand out and get you those hot dates? Search no further you have come to the right place!


How many of you have seen online dating profiles where you question 1. Do they even care to be on here? 2. Did their cat or dog write the profile? Over the years I have seen some great written profiles and some darn right awful ones.

If you have joined a dating site and looking for how to write a great online dating profile you have come to the right place!

Every online dating site has different options to fill in and questions to answer so it can be very overwhelming. If you want to get what you are looking for than it really does require a bit of time and effort.

What energy and effort you put out there is what you will receive back and that does include your dating profile.


Here is a disclaimer, I will put out there with all the photos that you use have it is the all you, the real you. Not some made up fantasy or some bs. No one on these sites is looking to be played or catfished and it unfortunately does exist more than one thinks. Remember,all online dating sites require different information, ask questions but the below is the basics you will see on most of the sites. Now on to the exciting part, writing your great online dating profile!


Have fun with your screen name, but really think before you create. As you can see, from the title of this article ABSOFSTEEL it does say a lot about someone from the start. I can’t say it enough. Stay away from the sexual referring screen names and keep it simple and catchy. LIKEFOOTBALL is fun and good example of a screen name.

That way the person knows your active and into football too! Don’t use your name and some numbers thrown on the end, that is boring and comes off like I am just taking 5 minutes to do this so I can get to the pictures. DON’T use your full name ever!


Usually the headline portion on the dating sites is 100 words or less. You have to make it impactful! Use a favorite quote, funny quick story, a witty catchy few lines about you. Be always thinking throughout the process what and who am I trying to attract or get to reply to my profile. Don’t leave this blank as this is your first words of impression to say something about yourself.

I see so many men, sorry can’t speak for the women side, that leave this blank or my favorite is “Looking for a hot girl.” Let me know if you hear crickets on that headline!


I personally think your profile picture should always only include YOU. You are on the one that is looking for love and relationship potential. I see so many profile pictures where they have others in the photo and if you are taking a picture with your sister how are we supposed to know that! Best to keep the beer, cocktails, dog, sister, brothers and mom for your other pictures you can add to your profile. Just not your main picture that represents you.

Check out this article  for profile picture tips!


Nothing is more annoying, you get a photo, sometimes, and nothing to go with it! I would love someone to explain to me what exactly you think are going to get in return? Fill in your age and use your REAL age, height, body type and so on. I have had men show up on dates where they put 6’0″ and he was maybe 5’6″ with his boots on!

My favorite is I want to meet someone younger so I put my age lower. Lie is lie and not a way to start out any relationship. Eventually you are going to want to meet and the truth will be told in an instant upon arrival at the date. Filling in all the blanks shows you want to be on the dating site and your energy you are putting forward.


Pick photos that represent you and your life. I am not saying post every single photo you ever took on all your trips around the world. It’s awesome you love to travel, but honestly it’s boring and a bit over top to just post those types of photos.

Make sure to have at least one full body picture in the mix. Both men and women want to see a full body picture I don’t care what anyone says. I also would highly discourage posting 30-40 pictures all of yourself.

There is a balance of how many photos you do post. I would say 5-7 photos is a good range, but of course decide for you. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable on a dating website if you want others to see your friends, loved ones and children.

I feel that is for you to gauge what you feel comfortable with as I can see advantages and disadvantages to both.

Maybe a picture of your favorite sports team or hobby,but don’t put your profile picture and 15 pictures of random things as that is how it will come off..random and lack of interest.


This is very important part how to write a great online dating profile! This is the meat and potatoes of showing everyone on the site who you are, what you want and where you come from.

You can use this section to tell about you and your photos represent that story. Share where you grew up, what you enjoy doing and maybe even sharing a fun exciting story to relate to a hobby and career choice.

Don’t lie and say you love picnics, watching football on Sundays or cats when you are truly dislike them, thinking that will attract more options.


Keep it short, sweet and to the point. I had seen a profile once that was at least 2 pages long listing out all the things he was looking for in a woman. I honestly lost interest after the fifth bullet point and made me think this guy was searching for perfection! Know who you are, what you are truly looking for and create your ideal match from there.

If you are looking to just go on dates and want a travel companion. State that in this section.

Don’t make a grocery list for example fit like a model( yes I see this all the time), funny, smart, handsome, pretty, caring. Get a bit more into further details.

Looking for someone who loves to travel, enjoys working out gym and or outdoor activities, likes dogs, volunteers, enjoys cooking various food, trying different restaurants for example.


If you follow the great tips for how to write a great online dating profile the next step should be a like, wink, chat or email. Depending on which online dating site you are on they all have different features to show someone you are interested or they are interested in you.

In my opinion, if you are interested in someone why not just send them a quick hello, introduce yourself and share a little about you.

Don’t just send a hey or my favorite is WYD? The first time I received that I had to look up what that meant!

In creating your dating profile is the simple rule of thumb: Effort=Results and that goes for anything in your life including your dating life!

Would love to hear from you and I can be reached at

Onward to your dating bliss!







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  1. I like the post but unfortunately it is very hard for me to read. Do you think you could change either the text font, or the background of the post? I really like the part about keeping it short and sweet. Or perhaps the KISS principle. Keep it simple stupid! In many ways, the shorter it is, the better since you are presenting yourself as a challenge and that will make girls/guys want to know more about you. I personally think 3 is enough as you don’t need to go overboard.

    1. Noell Romatowski says:

      Thank you for the reply! I really appreciate the comment about the font:) I love that KISS principle! That is spot on and you have to keep some wondering and the attraction of wanting to get to know someone more. I have related to that point of simple, and fun in my article How old are you? –Awesome Online Dating Questions To Ask A Woman. Check it out and would love to hear from you!

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