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New Facebook Dating App–The New Giant?

By Noell Romatowski

Looking for a new dating app? Look no further as there is a new Facebook dating app, called Dating. Will you try it? What are your thoughts. Read to find out more from The Dating Bliss!

Late To The Dating Party

Everyone wants to have their hand in the dating app and site game.

As Facebook started out as “FaceMash” hot or not game for students are Harvard, so why wouldn’t Facebook be a player!

I wasn’t surprised when I heard the news of them entering into the dating world. I actually was surprised it wasn’t sooner.

Facebook gets an estimated 1.45 billion people on average log on to the site daily, says an article in Zephoria Detail Marketing.

WOW that is crazy amount of people and makes sense why this would be a next step for the social media monster. Zuckerberg claims it will complete with the likes of Tinder.

In this You Tube video he also claims that 200 million people list themselves as single on Facebook. That’s huge volume of audience to address and capture so why not do a dating app!

I am sure that Match Group, which own they own Match, Tinder, OK Cupid, POF was crying a few tears when it heard the news!!

How Will It Work

The name of the new app within Facebook will simply be called “Dating”. They are going to start testing it later this year,2018.

Zukerberg claim is that it will be very concerned about one’s privacy and safety.

It also will not be a separate app but within current Facebook and your profile.

You can either opt in or out and create a dating profile. Your personal profile and your connections won’t be able to see your dating profile.

Zephoria Detail Marketing, states that age 25 to 34 is most common age demographic using Facebook at 29.7%.

It’s perfect dating opportunity to have the number of users and age group who won’t have to go anywhere else but Facebook to connect with friends, family and now dating.

I do think it will hurt the dating apps and sites especially the smaller fish that come out with new dating apps it seems on a daily basis.

The Coffee and Bagel of the world may be out of business as how can you compete with that volume and data base of users on Facebook.

Is It Risky?

It is interesting timing that Zuckerberg would come out with this dating app at a time when people are very leary about sharing private information due to Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Would you feel comfortable sharing your dating information on Facebook?

He also claims it is not going to be a hook up dating app,but more to make meaning connections.

It sounds great in theory, but it is really going to depend on the users and how THEY choose to use this dating app.

It could be a huge success and crush the fire of Tinder or it could be a total bad “Dating” idea!

I do think Bumble has its own space as it created unique dating app with women being able to connect with men first.

For sure you need to certainly come out with a unique catch to your dating and app site to survive and gain consumers!

Doesn’t everyone on the planet have a Facebook profile??!!


Will You Try It?

Are you going to sign up to the dating app part of Facebook?

I personally have been off of Facebook for a year and half and utilize it purely from a business stand point.

I will admit I am very curious to see how it differs from the likes of Tinder, Bumble and any of the other dating apps.

Thus far they have announced some key features that the new dating app Dating will have.

It will have a separate inbox from your messenger and you can’t send photos or links.

I think that is very interesting as so many of the social media platforms, apps and dating sites are trying to add a level of where you can send gifs, emoji’s or links.

You can only send text messages and Zuckerberg claims this is to help with safety of the using “Dating” app.

Wired states that it will use its own unique algorithm to match you with your potential partner, which is based on things you have in common, your dating preferences and including mutual friends.

The Next Dating Giant


Let’s be honest,Tinder and Bumble have used Facebook to help push their dating apps further and to utilize the platform to their benefit.

Until recently, you couldn’t join Bumble unless you signed up through Facebook. They recently changed that you can join without joining through Facebook.

Tinder stopped working a while back due to its reliance on Facebook when they were updating some of their data sharing policies.

Do you think Facebook is going to take down the likes of Tinder and Bumble? Or do you think there is space in the dating world for all these players?

I personally think they are all starting to look, feel and be all similar to each other in dating apps!

The market is so saturated with dating apps and sites!

More people are looking for how to connect more with someone instead of thinking how many apps or sites can I join or the fact do they have to try the latest and greatest app.

With the trend in society of wanting to connect and meet people more in an organic way, in my opinion it would be nice to see more dating opportunities to do more of that. Getting away from yet people spending more time on Facebook or online.

Which in turn can make one feel more lonely and isolated spending their days on social media platforms. People are spending on average 40 minutes at minimum daily on Facebook.

Check out the article—Online Dating –Does it Increase Depression

Not sure what the answer is, but I am not sure another dating app is the going to make the single person happy or want to drop everything and join!

More to be seen and revealed from Facebook and its “Dating” app!

Would love to hear from you! What are your thoughts on this new dating app?

Cheers to dating bliss!! XO





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  1. Interesting read! When I heard the announcement that FB was adding a dating feature, I wondered about the timing. It seemed to be such a natural fit from the get-go, I often wondered why this wasn’t a thing.

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