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Online Dating Profile Picture Tips–Is This Photo Really You?

By Noell Romatowski

Learn online dating profile picture tips so you can outshine the competition. It’s your virtual first impression. These tips are very affective and will get you that first wink!


Raise your hand or both hands if you have been on a dating site where you look at the profile picture and think are you for real? I am not speaking of that reaction in a good way either!

I have encountered this multiple times and over the years I think people just get lazy and think if they put any picture in there they are going to get their dream girl or guy.

Well sorry to say ladies and gents that couldn’t be the furthest from the truth. You do need to step up and put your best foot forward when putting your profile picture on a dating site.

Here are some simple online dating profile picture tips to get you going in the right direction.


The profile photo is the first important step and “it should be friendly and approachable” as well as attractive, says Alex Williamson el-Effendi, head of brand for the Austin, Texas-based dating app Bumble . Quoted from the Chicago Tribune 5/18/18–article Does and Don’t of Profile Pictures on Dating Sites.

I couldn’t have said it better myself! We are all visual creatures and want to see truly what we are interested in first and foremost. Adding a photo and getting it verified, which most top dating sites do, will get you up to 100% more of a response from stats stated from Zoosk.

I don’t understand the logic behind the online dating profile pictures people use or lack of not having one at all. Keep in mind always,that if you want to see beautiful photos of others they want to see the same of you.

Your profile picture is what begins the beginning or end of possible dialog on a dating site. We aren’t able to see someone live in person on a dating site so the next best thing is their profile picture.



If you don’t want to get instantly deleted or swiped left here are some DO’S & DON”TS for your profile picture:

DON’T--take out of the memory lane box your famous 15 year old photo and use in your profile picture when you had hair, didn’t have double chin or double anything and or no wrinkles. It’s just wrong. Period.

DON’T–use a blurry photo of yourself. To others that comes off as a trick and can be a clear sign of self-esteem issue as well

DON’T--get caught in your high school or college years when you were an athlete. Save those pictures and stories when you are further along talking with someone.

DON’T--pick photos of you holding a beer, cocktail or six-pack of nothing unless drinking is what you do all the time

DON’T--put a profile photo of you with your child—we know you love your kids but save that for later when there is a connection to someone

DON’T--use a photo with you and another man or woman or several as your profile picture–that screams showy, insecure and my advice would be to RUN

DON’T–take pictures and use for your profile picture in your bathroom mirror where we can see everything, clothes on the floor and dirty disgusting bathrooms I have seen too!

DON’T–take topless or shirtless selfies and use as your profile picture. The gym selfie is narcissist beyond words and makes most gag, laugh and swipe left


DON’T--use a photo with you and someone famous in it. Okay cool you met someone famous so save that story for later

DON’T--put a photo from snap chat with the bunny green-eyed filter or the ridiculous stretched face and expect to any good response from that

DON’T--take and use a profile photo that is 100 miles away so someone has to enlarge their screen to 150% and still can’t see you

DON’T--use a photo that is you are sweating like a pig from the gym and your shirt is soaked. Cool you love the gym, I do too, but not in your profile picture

DON’T--use a profile photo of your cousin or someone other than you. YES this has happened to me and others I know as well. It’s lying,deceitful and no excuse.

DO–use photos that show your eyes as it shows comfort in you. Don’t wear sunglasses

DO–use a profile picture on a dating site. I am shocked at how many don’t even take the energy or time to do so but want to have people reply to them.

DO–SMILE! SMILE! SMILE! Show your pearly whites and that you are a welcoming happy person. You can tell ALOT by a person’s smile or lack of one


DO–use a photo that you look happy, yourself and represents YOU in every way.


Start by using a profile picture to start off your dating profile on right foot is very important. Always keep in mind what do I want to see and how do I want to see it? That will always give the best guidance in what you pick to use for your profile picture.

Having a hard time deciding or knowing which photo to use? Ask a friend, co-worker, family member their reaction when they see the photo you want to use and can help give some good feedback.

I hope these online dating profile picture tips have helped you to move forward in your dating profile and on to making that connection with someone special! I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out to

Would love to hear from you and I can be reached at

Good luck to meeting your match and the dating bliss!

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For all you beautiful ladies!


For all you fantabulous men!

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