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Online Dating Questions To Ask A Guy–What’s Your Favorite Romantic Movie?

By Noell Romatowski

Some of us think creating a profile, joining a dating website is encountering the big bad scary wolf. Then we are presented with what online dating questions to ask a guy?  That is like being eaten by the big bad wolf! All those thoughts of fear and rejection come flooding into our brains. What if I ask something too quick ,too soon or scare him away? What if I look  foolish to what I ask? Have no fear, the dating bliss is here!

1-What do you enjoy doing on a Saturday?

Happy Saturday, my favorite day of the week! You can do whatever you want to do. This is a great question to get a feel for what he enjoys doing with his free time and what types of activities. If you enjoy getting up early, running a marathon and he enjoys sleeping until noon and gaming with his buddies until 4am that’s probably a solid..NEXT!


2-Do you enjoy what you do for a living?

This question can have two purposes behind it. To see what his reaction,”I hate it and there is nothing I can do about it. It is what it is.” Or this type of response,” I used to enjoy what I do for a living , but now I am looking to start my own business or switching career directions.” See and feel the difference will show his ambition and mindset in life. It will also give insight into his glass half empty world which these people can seriously wreck your positive juju on daily basis.

3-What was your childhood like? Do you have siblings?

Love this online dating question to ask a guy as it will give you so much insight into how they lead their life as an adult believe it or not. The environment we were raised in influences us as adults. How he relates to his family, mom and dad and siblings will say a lot about his personality.

If you are looking for someone who is extremely family oriented and does Sunday brunch with them and they share they speak to no one in their family and hasn’t been home for a holiday in years. Probably time to move on!

4-What are your hobbies?

Seems like a pretty simple straight forward question, but believe it or not I have gotten answers like Netflix, drinking and work!! UHHH, newsflash those are NOT hobbies! I have been shocked at the lack of hobbies that people have in their lives and I find them to be extremely important.

They give us joy in our lives and this question can help you decide too if you have some common hobbies or if you would be even interested in anything they enjoy doing or vice versa.


5-Would you say you are introverted or extroverted or BOTH?

Are you more of a shy woman who wants to sit at the furthest corner table and just talk? Or are you the girl that talks to everyone at the bar and doing shots with the office group that came in an hour ago? This is a great question to ask and know about yourself and therefore can ask a guy this question.

That way you know if you want a guy that is going to be right there with you doing the shots or someone who would like to sit with you quietly talking at the corner table. I know for myself I can be both depending on the situation and who is around. This can be a deal breaker for some or can also help push someone out of their box.

6-What would be your ideal vacation?

I love drinking Mai Tai’s on the beach, in my bikini with the ocean’s hot breeze. He enjoys tent camping trips and roughing it in the woods for a week. Now if we could compromise and do a motor home with a pool and showers, we might be in business. Find out what he likes to do for vacations or if he even likes taking them.

I met a guy who didn’t like vacations because he said it was too depressing to come back to reality. For possibly the future you are going to want to take vacations together so good to see where you align in that area.

7-What’s your top 3 movies?

This one is important to me as I love movies and going to the movies! Do you like comedies? Horror movies? I dated a guy who always wanted to see horror movies and I sat in the theatre with my sweater covering my eyes 90% of the movie! Let’s just say I wish I would’ve known that sooner than later. It’s a good question that can spur into other conversations too.

8-What type of music do you listen to?

Music is huge daily part of our lives. Well at least for me it is and I wouldn’t want to date a guy who wants to go line dancing and only listens to Achy Breaky Heart music???? It will say a lot about their personality and if you will be able to ride in the car together too.

9-Do you have any tattoos?

I like this online dating question for a guy as it can be light question and possibly something they enjoy talking about too. I have tattoos myself and there are guys out there that love them and find them sexy or there are guys that find them darn right “trashy” as I was once told.


10-Do you have kids?

This is one of the more serious questions, but I do find necessary. If you know out of the gate you don’t want to have children or date someone who does have kids this is important to know sooner than later. Yes,I have heard stories and experienced myself that people don’t put on their profiles the truth of having or not having kids which says a lot in itself.

I had one guy tell me that he didn’t have kids , but than later on found out that he had 3!!!, but they were grown adults so technically they didn’t count. STOP IT! Seriously!

Do You Feel Ready?

I hope these online dating questions to ask a guy got you off to a more comfortable start to online dating communication. Most important make it informative for yourself, but also fun. That will go a long way with a guy to see you have fun too! Any question you ask a man he is probably going to ask right back so be prepared to answer them yourself.

If you aren’t prepared to answer your most embarrassing moment,such was falling off the stage into a fake tree at your best friend’s wedding , riping your dress and toenail off on your fall down without a single cocktail in your body, then I suggest you don’t ask that question until you’re ready to give your answer too LOL ????

Would love to hear from you!

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  1. Ah, now I know how to answer all these. I sometimes tend to ‘guess’ things about people. Most of the time, I get them correct.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the article and appreciate your comment! Look forward to hearing more from you!:)

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