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Online Dating Questions To Ask A Woman–How Old Are you?

By Noell Romatowski

DON’T PANIC!! So guys you took the leap to join a dating site and ready to start the dating online journey. The big part of the online dating world is what online dating questions to ask a woman? You start getting sweaty palms just thinking of all the questions to ask to even get a response back.

The fastest way to get deleted is to take it to a non-appropriate or creepy stalker level out of the gate. Sweat no further, here are some good questions to get the conversation flowing your way.

1-What interested you about my profile?

Do you want to see if she really read your profile, that is hopefully you wrote a few things about yourself? You can get a reply back like,” I REALLY like what you do for living,” as you are a doctor or lawyer screams,” Ain’t Nothing But A GoldDigger” versus I see you grew up in the Midwest as well and what do you like about growing up there? That can start off to a common place for you to discuss and get your comfortable in conversing further.


2-Where did you grow up? What were you like as a kid?

This is a great online dating question to ask a woman to see what type of lifestyle they lead and what their background will be. You can follow up are you close with your parents? Are you close with your brother or sisters? Having a good relationship with family just isn’t an important factor to women it is also very important to men too.

Now if you get the girl that is like I was a rebel, still am the rebel and I am the black sheep of my family…might want to round back to your dating site and keep on searching!

3-What is a perfect Sunday to you look like?

I love this question for guys as we all know as women most men LOVE watching their Sunday football, literally all day long! Will she respond with the fact she loves football too and would be right there with you on the couch. This could be even a fun rivalry to have conversations and flirts about. I am huge Packer fan and dated men who were Vikings & Bears fans.

It was a lot of fun to tease and flirt on or off-season and yes you can imagine with Brett Favre went to play Vikings how much fun that was..LOL If she is not a football fan would she be cool with you wanting to hang with your guy friends and her being able to do her own thing.

4-What are your life goals?

I like this question because it shows interest in her, but can leads to a lot of other great conversations. I know as men you can struggle to come up with dialog to talk about. Let’s face it we all feel like we are running a loop of asking similar questions.

This will shed light on a lot of who she is as her ethics, work, family and more importantly as I know men you deal with this way more than women do, if she tells you she doesn’t work and always had men supporting her along the way.. could be looking for her Sugar Daddy!


5-Who is your role model?

I’m adding this question as I had a guy ask me this question and it really leads to some interesting conversation. If the girl you are speaking to answers to you Oprah, her grandma, her 3rd grade teacher OR you get Anna Nicole Smith. Men you get what I am trying to say here and can be very revealing about who aspires to be in life.

6-What is your idea of a great adventure?

Do you like to take exotic trips around the world or don’t really like to go out further than 100 mile radius of where you live? You get a direct feel for the connection you will have on travels, adventures and just how much of a risk taker she is. Is her idea of great adventure to go to the jungle and zip line or go to the beach and have a picnic? Both are great for different types of adventure seekers!

7-What is your drink of choice?

This is nice, light and fun online dating question to ask a woman. I guarantee there will not only be an answer of Cosmo, beer or Bourbon, but some good stories to go along with it. I do think it’s good to see how you align in the social drinking arena to know maybe the first date you meet at coffee shop or don’t do a happy hour if she isn’t a big drinker.

I had a guy that when I showed up on a date, shared with him I wasn’t a big drinker, who was drunk and wanting to do some tequila shots at a happy hour. WOW..I shut it downnnn…. it’s a good question I do now like to ask myself!


8-What type of food do you like?

I am a huge foodie and love having conversations about it! Food brings people together and makes them happy! I enjoy if guy engages about food too and it’s a comfortable way to start off getting to know each other. Guys you can found out too if she loves to cook and that is a big bonus too, right? It can be something you both enjoy doing and can be fun plan for a future date idea.

9-Tell me one thing I should know about you that is not in your profile?

Ohhhhh this can be a really juicy question to ask guys. Now granted you might get an answer you weren’t prepared for like I don’t shave my legs which than helps you decide if you are cool with that Euro style or not. A girl who replies I play the drums, I love R&B music, I am into basketball can really get the ball rolling in the right direction if you have some of these in common.

10-What is your biggest accomplishment?

Most women are pretty shy about talking about their accomplishments and what they have done in their lives. I would be highly impressed and would put a smile on my face with a guy who asked this question. You are making it about HER and for her to share about her life.

You never know what you might uncover about someone! Being a former MMA fighter, have an ostrich business or ran 10 marathons and a former stripper and yes these are all the fun things and interesting life facts or accomplishments I found out about some of my dates.

Have these online dating questions to ask a woman got you off to a successful start to chatting with potential woman of your dreams? Just always keep in mind that the more you show true interest in her the further along you will get. Would love to hear from you all on dating bliss adventures at

Would love to hear from you and I can be reached at

Good luck men to finding your dating bliss! Click below for some further dating advice…

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