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Places To Go On The First Date—Make It Fun & Different

By Noell Romatowski

Looking for places to go on the first date? Wanna try something fun and different? Explore these first date ideas that will be sure to be talked about later and hopefully get you a 2nd date too!

Be Creative

We all love a good dinner and a movie, but could there be some fun and different first date ideas out there.

It’s hard to do a movie on the first date and I wouldn’t recommend it. You can’t talk and really get to know someone.

Most times you only have a limited about of time you want to make the best of the time you do have.

Here are some great fun and different places to go on the first date!

Laughter Is Good For The Soul

Hit up your local comedy club for some laughs.

What a great way to break the ice with someone new to laugh, have some conversations and see what their personality is like.

Similar sense of humor is important to many people. I know it is to me! Research does show that couples who laugh together  are happier.

I would say try to pick someone who is the middle range of jokes as you could set the date on fire if the comedian is a bit out there with their jokes.

Bikes & Picnic

If you and your date love the outdoors I think a bike ride in the park together could be a bit of an adventure for your first date.

Stopping at a picnic table or pretty location to have a picnic together to talk and get to know each other would be fun!

Maybe skip the wine in the picnic basket just so you can ride the bikes back after the picnic LOL

Who Doesn’t Love Animals?

Going to the zoo could be really cool and different date.

If you are a bit more on the shy side and have a hard time asking questions this could be a good place to go.

You would never really run out things to talk about as you could always fall back to discussing the animals in the zoo!

That could be people or true zoo animals!

Flea Market

If you find out that your date loves to go to flea markets and you do too, this is spot on for the first date!

You can shop at the booths and try different food.

Many of the flea markets also have variety of music and some have games you can play as well.

You could find out a lot about your dates personality by what they eat and booths they would like to visit.

Arcade Games

I went on a first date years ago to Dave and Busters and I have to say I wasn’t thrilled as I have never been a huge game person. Pac Man was the extent of my video game playing.

To my surprise, we had a blast! It was not what I thought at all. It was a lot of laughs and trying to win together.

I learned a lot about my date of how much team player he was or just how competitive he was at shuffle-board!

Art Gallery

Do you love art of all types and kinds? Your date shares with you that when they travel the always have local art galleries on their list.

Pick a great art gallery to visit and a lot them have open houses where they serve cocktails and appetizers.

You can make a really fun evening out of something you both enjoy in life!


LOVE this first date place to go! I am huge into music and to go to concert on a first date I think would be such a blast.

Sit on a blanket for an outdoor show and be able to talk and get to know one another.

The energy and vibe of the concert would be vibrant and a first date you wouldn’t forget.

Make sure to run by the concert to your date as you wouldn’t want to be tickets to something the person doesn’t like or want to see.

Mini Golf

Who doesn’t love to mini golf? Anyone can mini golf right? It would be a first date you could do if you don’t have a lot time and to spend time outdoors.

It’s not easy for everyone to sit across from the table and look at it each other and have conversation.

Going mini golf would make the date active and fun!


Wine Tasting

You would definitely have to set your limit on how many wine tastings you would allow yourself to do on the date as you don’t want to start off drunk on the first date.

I really enjoyed this as a first date as it gave opportunity for myself and my date who both love wine to talk about the different wine we like and that lead into other stories and conversation.

It was common interest we both enjoyed to start off the first date right!

Trivia Night

Being the huge trivia nut that I am and maybe even bit a Jeopardy nerd I think this would be so fun!

Many of the sport bars have trivia nights and what a way to get to know one another in a big way.

You get to see how smart, fun and competitive your date is on this date.

At The Rink

Taking it back to old school place where some of us went roller skating as a kid.

This may not be for everyone all generations, but could be fun for the right daters.

There is usually food, drinks, laughs with some falling that could bring you closer to your date!


This is for sure the extrovert first date! Many people love to head out to the bars for some fun and singing together.

I have watched some serious bonding happening at karaoke so why not try it on a first date.


Give It A Try

We all want to make a good first impression on our first date. Why not change it up and try something new?

Pick one of the fun and different first date places the next time you score a date with a cool guy or girl.

Life is short why not step out of the normal dating comfort zone !

You might be surprised and get 2nd date before the 1st date is even over!!

Cheers to dating bliss! XO

Would love to hear your dating stories and some fun dates you have been on–

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