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Red Flags When Dating–Follow Your Gut Feeling

By Noell Romatowski

Have you ever had that nagging feeling where it just doesn’t feel right? There are many red flags when dating. Paying attention to those feelings can help lead you away from Mr. or Ms. Wrong! Don’t ignore those RED FLAGS!

Go With It

You have met someone you are interested in and you decide to go on a date. You start to talk via phone, text and learn more about each other.

It can be exciting, blissful, hopeful and darn right intoxicating, but it can be risky, if you don’t pay attention to the red flags when dating.

Don’t make excuses and not approach the issue or person when you feel something is off or doesn’t sit right with you.

I always say you are collecting information about each other and if something pops up that you are questioning, put it up on a shelf in your mind and pay attention as the conversation continues to be able to validate that information.

Red Flags Galore

There are plenty more red flags than listed below, as we each have our own desires of what we want and will accept in a relationship.

Here are some key red flags to pay attention to the next time you go on a date or even when you begin to start talking to a potential interest.

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

Everything that comes out this person’s mouth you question and you can see their nose grow like Pinocchio. Each story you hear or time line doesn’t match back to what was previously stated.

Lying is as easy to them as putting on a pair of pants in the morning.


Financial Hot Mess

No money, more problems:) They never have money and talk about being in debt up to their eyeballs!

They do or can always have drama around money or even asking you sometimes in a direct or round about way to get some money.

All Words, No Action

Blowing smoke up your you know what, but never has the actions to back it up. They say they are going to call and never do. We are going to go to dinner or plan a date and it never happens. Lip service and zero actions!

Never Calls

Repeatedly say they will call you back or call you tomorrow night at 7pm and all you get is a dial tone. This is a red flag clearly showing you that you aren’t important enough to this person,period.

Fast And Furious

They want to take the relationship from finding out your name to walking down in the aisle all in the same breath. Pushing you like the pace car at a NASCAR race and wanting to lock down and win the race on date number one. BIG RED FLAG


We all have dated one or three of this type of human. The one who can never commit to anything! A date, a movie, a phone call, Netflix and chill. It’s always let me see and get back to you or you get ghosted.

Check this spot on you tube video of multi red flags of a commitaphobe!

Always Late

The person shows up late to literally everything you do. They could live 5 minutes away still show up late.

This to me is extreme disrespect for you and your time.

It’s Always About Me

ME. ME. ME. All the conversations on text, phone, in person revolves around one thing ..ME. Trust ME, this won’t change and this person has one agenda in mind, ME.

Debbie Downer

Nothing is more annoying than that person who has a negative comment about everything.

You could ask “How’s your day?” They respond,”Horrible,I hit all the red lights on way to work.” Or “OMG,You won the power ball!” Their response”Yes, but it wasn’t enough.”

This for sure can take a toll on your own positivity in your life. The red flag is waving strong on this one.

Never Plan Anything

Let’s just play it by ear! He/She never wants to plan anything ever or make a solid plan with you except last minute on their terms. NO NO NO

The Mystery

You ask them questions about themselves and you never get a direct answer. You get the “merry-go-round ” response I call it,where it doesn’t ever really make sense or answer what you were asking.

Why Are You So Rude

They don’t tip the waiter or waitress or are constantly rude to them when they come to the table. They never open the door for you or anyone and don’t say goodbye before hanging up the phone.

This behavior is who they are and in turn will be this way to you.

Drama Queen/King

The ex is supposedly always calling or causing issues. There is constant fighting between the ex if there is a child in picture.

Their work is always an issue with boss or coworker. They say they are unlucky,I say save your drama for your mama and move on!


All My Ex’s Were Crazy

Be sure that if someone is telling you all my ex’s were crazy, they are truly deflecting on the people they dated.

It is highly questionable that every single person one dates can or is crazy. Who is the crazy one?

Never Meeting Family or Friends

He/She is going out with friends multi times and you never get an invitation even though it may be a get together with friends including their significant others.

They stop off to see their family when you aren’t with or I even had where I was told to stay in the car while he ran in quick to see his family. See the red flag swaying in your face!

Social Media Whore

The Urban dictionary definition is a person who has a psychological need to receive @replies and pings on twitter, attention at tweetups, Facebook status update comments, and Facebook likes.

This person usually becomes aroused almost sexually by seeing or hearing themselves or about themselves on social media websites.

You don’t even know what color this person’s eyes are because you never see them! They constantly have their head down into their phone swiping, liking, chatting, tweeting their life away 24/7.

I have been down this sad road folks and it is a lonely road traveled!

White Flag

It’s beyond okay to surrender with your white flag and move on when you start seeing and feeling these red flags.

I have probably encountered someone,in my dating years, that had each one, two or all of these red flags and wow I wish I would’ve known these a head of time!

9 times out of 10 these are characteristics of this person and they aren’t going to change just because you want them to or don’t like how they act. Go with what is being shown to you!

As the saying goes there are more fish in the sea and find those potential matches that will be a green flag GO!

Cheers to the green flags in dating bliss!

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4 thoughts on “Red Flags When Dating–Follow Your Gut Feeling

  1. Very thoughtful post. Great tips to keep in mind when seeking a relationship. This is important stuff. There truly are red flags to keep in mind. I believe you nailed them. Thanks for sharing. This will be a help to many.

  2. Very interesting information. i can honestly say some of those flags are real in my experiences.

    The flow of your article is easy to follow and the content is very relatable to the audience. How did you come about this niche? I can see that helping others wade through the unlimited sea of humanity to find their mate can be very confusing. I think the help you are offering your audience with identifying red flags.
    Your approach is soft and cautious yet to the point. Great job.
    Have you looked into the other side of the flags?

    1. Noell Romatowski says:

      Thank you Timothy! Appreciate your feedback and comment. I have been in the dating world for a long time and wanted to create a fun, inspiring relatable site for all who have been or just entering dating world. Those who are in relationships! While encompassing fashion, health, fitness and many life tips, facts and stories. Check out the following article..ABOUT NOELL. Look forward to hearing more from you!

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