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Top 10 Deal Breakers In Dating–Do You Know Yours?

By Noell Romatowski

The Dating Bliss has compiled a list of the top 10 deal breakers in dating. Do you know what your deal breakers are? Learn more about what the definition of a deal breaker entails and what are the top 10 in dating.

What Is A Deal Breaker?

Have you ever said to yourself,” if I would’ve known that I would have never dated you?”

The definition of deal breaker in Oxford dictionary is a factor or issue which, if unresolved during negotiations, would cause one party to withdraw from a deal.

This seems like a business related word or definition,but this also applies to our lives in dating.

Before going into a work meeting, business transaction or dating you have to know what are your deal breakers.

What are your standards in various areas of life? What would you not put up with up or just don’t find to be appealing for you!

It can range from not wanting to date a person who smokes, drinks too much or that doesn’t live a healthy active lifestyle.

What would disqualify someone from being a potential match for you?

Write Your List

We often get told to write a list of qualities you are wanting in someone. Do you ever sit and think of those qualities you don’t and list those out as well?

The hardest part can be, you meet someone who has amazing qualities , but has one or more deal breakers, that disqualifies them from your dating pool.

You can create a list of deal breakers before you even start dating. This will help you a head of time to align with what you are searching for in someone else. Too many people wait until they are well invested into a relationship with someone.

Buying homes together, moving in together and than you get hit with a big ol’smack in the face of a deal breaker from your partner and now what do you do!

We all do grow and learn about ourselves and over time a deal breaker you didn’t even know you had , can on an occasion, sneak up on you!

Deal Maker Or Deal Breaker?

We are going to take a moment to focus on the deal breakers instead of the deal makers in dating.

I met a guy who was charming, smart, had a great job, family oriented all deal makers for me until he told me that he doesn’t really work out or eat healthy and doesn’t care much about his health. That for me was a DEAL BUST!!

I will say that I was grateful to have my deal breakers in mind and knowing that would never work for me, so why even continue the conversation.

In a study done, Traits People Avoid in Potential Mates, researchers found that women had more deal breakers on their list than men.

Wait men ,before you roll your eyes, the even more interesting result was that men and women had a very similar list of deal breakers.

Everyone has their own list of deal breakers that is their own. Check out this video of the hosts of The Real deal breakers and of a woman who has a list of 85+ deal breakers! WOW ,that may be why she is still VERY SINGLE!

It is all about balance and not looking for perfection ,as we all know that doesn’t exist and we aren’t perfect ourselves!

The Big DB List

Within the list of deal breakers it can be undesirable personality or unhealthy lifestyle traits for example. We are going to reveal what exactly those may be.

Ready to learn more about the top 10 deal breakers for dating ? Here we go and these are in no particular order.

1-Insecurity–there is a lot to be said for confidence not ego. It’s fact we will draw the wrong people if we aren’t secure within ourselves.

2-Chemistry–feeling attracted to the person is very important and who wants to have a partner that they have horrible sex with, said no one..ever!! It’s a big deal breaker for both men and women!

3-Hygiene–bad breath, body odor, rips and stains on your clothes, dirty nails and sand paper looking feet. I need to not elaborate more on this deal breaker as it’s a DEAL BUST!!

4-Laziness–no one is asking for the energizer bunny LOL ,but I hardly think anyone would want to date a human being who lays on the couch all day eating cheese puffs and watching tv.

You are gym rat or gym bunny( ladies:) and they are couch potato ,instant deal breaker!


5-NomophobiaCan you believe there is a now definition for a person who is addicted to their smart phone and gets extreme anxiety without it?

Dating someone who can’t put down there phone to go to the bathroom, talk, eat,’s attached to them like super glue to their body. NOOOOOO thank you!

6-No Sense Of Humor–to make it in this crazy world we have to laugh. You go to a comedy movie and the person sitting next to you acts as if they are watching Schindler’s List and you are cracking up along with the rest of the theatre. Would that be deal breaker for you?

7-Kids or No Kids–this should without doubt be a deal breaker question. Why even continue talking or go on date if you aren’t aligned on kids or no kids. Changing someone’s mind or waiting down the line to address it ,isn’t really the best idea.

8-Cheater–once a cheater always a cheater! If you tell me you have cheated multiple times or have a hard time be faithful, which yes I have been told several times from the person I was on a date with, that’s an instant DEAL BUST for me!

9-Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed–we all have our own level and definition of what being smart is. The fact that someone misspells every other word in their text messages could be a deal breaker.

The fact that someone is educated and/or has been successful in their life has various importance level for each of us.


10- Broke And A Freeloader–Does it get any worse! They ask you to pay the bill, which sadly I have had a few times in my dating years. This deadbeat is always complaining they never have money or even asking YOU for money.

BIG DEAL BUST! No one wants a freeloading parasite and someone who isn’t taking care of their basic adulting needs in their own lives.

Take A Moment

Take a few minutes and really think about your deal breakers! Do it as it could save you a lot of time and possible heart ache!

Grab a fun notebook or even a piece of junk mail and start writing your deal breakers and keep them in place where you can cross check them, as you start to go on dates and meet someone.

Wishing you luck in the dating bliss!

Would love to hear from you and your deal breakers and dating stories—


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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Deal Breakers In Dating–Do You Know Yours?

  1. This made me laugh a bit but you are so right and on to the point.

    I think in a way, negative relationships that have not worked out so well, reveal to us what our desired qualities that we would like in our ideal partner, that way we feel more confident in dating again.

    I’ve made the mistake of waiting for guys in the past, not knowing what I really wanted but just ‘hoping’ I would meet the right one. Most of the time, that never worked out so well. I think its really important that we sit down and think about what we want out of a relationship just like you said. So many people don’t know this but it is such a simple thought process that can start off relationships in the right direction.

    1. Noell Romatowski says:

      Hi Flavia!
      Glad it made you laugh a bit as we have to do that in this crazy world of dating;)  I have done the waiting around for the phone to ring or the text that never comes through. I so agree all the lessons in relationships in turn shows us the deal breakers for the next time around and as you get back out into dating.

      Check out article DATING ADVICE TIPS–Just For Women!

      Look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the comment!! 

      XO Noell

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